Astrology and Diabetes Mellitus

Astrology and

This means, ‘leukoderma, the diseases due to phlegm and wind, problems of the eye, diabetes ...." are caused by Venus. Urinary diseases are also indicated by Venus. Generally diabetes worsens and leads ultimately to the damage of the kidneys. Therefore combinations for urinary diseases and renal problems have to be taken into account. Jupiter indicates sweetness and an ill-disposed Jupiter denies the opportunity to taste ‘sweets’. Thus an unfavourable Jupiter indirectly indicates diabetes. A weak Jupiter in 6th, 8th or 12th or Jupiter in combustion is indicative of diabetes. Thirst, hunger etc. are the symptoms of diabetes. Consequently, the Moon has an important role. Saturn which indicates urine, excreta and other filthy materials has also a significant role.

To sum up: If the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th or the ras'is Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio are afflicted, diabetes or urinary diseases are suggested. Similarly, if the planets Venus, the Moon, Jupiter are ill disposed, one can infer urinary disease or diabetes. The urinary diseases caused by Saturn, bad digestion, emaciation of the body etc. are suggestive of diabetes. When the planets causing the combinations are in vargas which are watery rasis, mrityubhaga, evil shastyamsa etc. they acquire importance.

Works like Brihajjataka, Saravali Jataka Tatva, Virasimhavalokana, Yovanajataka, Gadavali, etc. give specific combinations for Diabetes Mellitus. It is to be observed that if the diseases are caused by phlegmatic planets (Jupiter) they are curable; if caused by bilious planets (Sun, Mars) they are partly curable and if by windy planets (Saturn) they are not curable.

We have extracted several combinations from standard texts below:

When the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, and Venus are in the 5th diabetes is indicated.
Even if one, two, three of these planets occupy the 5th, diabetes is indicated. When these planets are associated with evil planets results will be pronounced. It is found from observation that Venus in the 5th aspected by Saturn causes diabetes.

When the Sun or Mars and Saturn are in Lagna diabetes is indicated.
If all the three are in Lagna results will be strong. Even if Mars and Saturn are in Lagna, effects will be felt.

If Venus is in the 8th aspected by malefic phlegmatic diseases, diabetes etc are indicated. It may cause even death.
If Venus is in a watery sign and has Varga in a watery sign the results will be pronounced, more so when Venus is weak.

If Saturn and Mars are conjoined or have mutual aspect, diabetes is caused.
On the examination of 100 horoscopes the combination / mutual aspect of Saturn and Mars was found in sixty. This appears to be a powerful combination.

When Lagna is aspected by a malefic, lord of Lagna is debilitated and the eighth house is aspected or occupied by Venus, diabetes is caused.
This was not found in any of the horoscopes we examined. More analysis may be required.

If Mercury is in Sagittarius or Pisces with the aspect of the Sun, diabetes is indicated.
Since this is not possible, aspect should be treated as conjunction. Sun- Mercury conjunction in Sagittarius or Pisces is suggestive of this.