Aquarius Health And Fitness in The Year 2021

Health is of utmost importance in today’s world. The term ‘Health is wealth’ has never been proven true more in the second decade of 21st century than ever. Keeping good health and taking care of ourselves is as much in our hands as it is dependent on our stars. Let Vedic astrology guide you to a better 2021. Read more…

Aquarius Health And Fitness in The Year 2021

Aquarius sign will have mixed strength over the entire period of this year as your personal planet Saturn will be posited in the 12th house which will invite health issues all along. Rahu, posited in the house of stability, will disturb your health very often but if your wisdom and perception keeps shining, your little efforts will work miracles towards your recovery due to the benefic closeness of Jupiter posited in your ascendant.

Till June 2021

 During this period, the planets in your horoscope will strengthen your wellness of health. Jupiter, your healing lord, will move to Aquarius sign, in your ascendant. You will be endowed with wisdom and patience, and your efforts will start shaping into a constructive form of health gains due to the exaltation of Sun in the third house of efforts. Also, Sun will conjunct with Venus and aspect the house of fortune, helping Aquarius natives save and accumulate good health habits.

July 2021 to September 2021

This will be quite a challenging period for the Aquarius natives in terms of health and fitness. The health horoscope of Aquarius sign indicates that health issues will be there in the third quarter of 2021 because Jupiter will not only retrograde but will also start moving back to its debilitated sign, Capricorn, during this period. The time between July 2021 and September 2021 may give you some sudden medical expenses because a cluster of planets are present in the Eighth house & Twelfth house of your horoscope along with planet the Saturn. It is most likely to cause hurdles and challenges in your life. So strong will power and good health habits will have to adapted along with exercise regime for future quotient of good heath

October to December 2021

Aquarius natives will see a high rise in expenses during the last quarter of 2021 because your ascendant Lord, Saturn, will be posited in the twelfth house of losses and expenditure. The progressive return of Jupiter to Aquarius sign will make you realize the importance of a healthy life and you will work for the betterment of your overall health along with your family. You will have to be cautious in relation to your stomach issues, skin problem, low vitality, and lower leg muscles. Good food nourishment and routine exercise regime will be your health success mantra.