Astrology and Diabetes Mellitus

Astrology and

Saturn and Mars aspect each other. The sixth is aspected by Mars and the 5th is aspected by Mars though Saturn occupies its own house. Jupiter who is devoid of directional strength is aspected by Saturn. Lagna is occupied by the Sun with navamsa in a watery sign.

3: Born: 13.1.1956 Star: Purvashadha
Balance of the period of Venus: 2-0-28

There is Mars - Saturn conjunction. 8th is occupied by Ketu and aspected by Mars and Saturn. Venus is in 5th aspected to Mars. The Moon gets Scorpio navamsa and is conjoined with a malefic. This suggests 'subtle' diseases. The native was a victim of diabetes.

4: Born: 13.10.1930 Star: Aslesha
Balance of Mercury's period: 15 9-18