Virgo Health And Fitness in The Year 2021

Health is of utmost importance in today’s world. The term ‘Health is wealth’ has never been proven true more in the second decade of 21st century than ever. Keeping good health and taking care of ourselves is as much in our hands as it is dependent on our stars. Let Vedic astrology guide you to a better 2021. Read more…

Virgo Health And Fitness in The Year 2021

Virgo individuals have Mercury as their personal planet, which is endowed with the power of good analysis over your health status throughout the year, with varied prospects, according to planetary placements. On the whole, you will enjoy good health with mild issues that can be avoided by being cautious about your overall health.

Till June 2021

Your health will remain balanced and the influence of Sun and Rahu will be good for your fitness. However, mild health issues may crop up due to seasonal variations, which may occur due to routine negligence. You need to remain more cautious about matters related more to the digestive problems or any kind of inflammatory infection may bother you at times. Sun being the lord of the 12th house will give expenditure over the medical issues related with your family but it will be of mild strength.

July to September 2021

The retrogression of planet of healing Jupiter, along with the retrogression of planet of disease Saturn transit in the 5th house, will make you prone some major health issues. So, you are advised to take good care of your health as excess of workload may create stress. Your unhealthy eating habits are also likely to cause problems like gas, bloating and indigestion. To neutralize the negative impact of all these ailments, it is necessary to start eating a well balance diet for good health.

October to December 2021

The latter part of the year will have a positive impact on your health, as the healing planet Jupiter will progressively affect towards your health aptitude. It will give you the wisdom to handle your health well through strict discipline and well planned balanced diet. Due to the presence of Ketu in the 3rd house of Virgo horoscope, it indicates that the overindulgence and extravagance in any aspect of life will fluctuate your vitality. Your health status will be disrupted, though only to a normal degree. The positive note of health prediction of Virgo moon sign reveals that your immune system will have a strong footing to glide you through any health issue during this year.