Health Astrologically Analysed - II

Health Astrologically
Breast Cancer
Generally 4th house from Kalapurusha and also 4th house from the ascendant denotes the breast portion. Here the karakas are Venus and the Moon. The Navamsa dispositor of the 6th lord is Venus who occupies the 12th house. He is also said to be karaka in dustana and is afflicted because he is aspected by Avayogi Saturn. The 6th lord from the fourth is Venus. From Moon ascendant the fourth lord from the Moon is Moon himself aspected by powerful malefic Mars. Moreover Venus is also debilitated in Navamsa.

Blood Cancer
In this case blood indicators are the Moon and Mars. The 6th lord Saturn occupies Moon’s Navamsa and Moon becomes Navamsa dispositor of the 6th house. In rasi he is in the ascendant aspecting the debilitated ascendant lord. This caused ailment connected with blood. Here ascendant lord is in the watery sign and ascendant has watery planet Moon and the Sun who is the 12th lord joins the ascendant lord aspected by the Moon. Lastly Mars is Avayogi and is with Saturn.(to be continued)