Taurus Health And Fitness in The Year 2021

Health is of utmost importance in today’s world. The term ‘Health is wealth’ has never been proven true more in the second decade of 21st century than ever. Keeping good health and taking care of ourselves is as much in our hands as it is dependent on our stars. Let Vedic astrology guide you to a better 2021. Read more…

Taurus Health And Fitness in The Year 2021

Taurus individuals are inherently physically strong and agile. You have a healthy attitude towards your health, which is praise-worthy. However, this year will bestow on you a mixed bag in terms of your health. Rahu will be placed in your ascendant and Ketu in your 7th house and it will send an invitation to all health issues which will surface on your health if not taken care of with vigilance. Jupiter and Saturn will garland your ninth house of fortune and tenth house of career indicating that healing will follow quickly, if all precautions and medications are taken into consideration timely.

Till June 2021

Till June, there will be negligible health complaints and it will be a progressive period in terms of health. Your healing powers from any ailment will be strong. However to balance your fitness quotient you will have to make a routine exercise to keep yourself in shape physically. Astrologically, Jupiter the planet of progress and natural healer, will move towards Aquarius sign, which will give you good health if recovering from any chronic ailment.

July to September 2021

This will be a productive period for Taurus natives, in terms of finance, because of the placement of Saturn in the ninth house, which will be progressive in terms of monetary gains throughout the year. However, the efforts required for your professional or personal ventures, will make you ignore your health. You may see a depreciation in your health, giving rise to some health issue, which may be based on your behaviour of procrastinating your tasks all the time. You tend to be lazy and not pay heed to your sleeping and healthy eating habits.

October to December 2021

The end of the year 2021 will be progressive in terms of your health, as the healer planet Jupiter will travel back to Aquarius sign in your tenth house. You will understand the value of good health, which will bring positive changes in your health patterns by following regular workout routine along with good diet pattern. You will overpower your slackness of consuming unhealthy food and avoiding temptation of long tiring hours of work. Bloating may be the main cause of your health issue most of the time this year, so avoid untimely consumption of spicy and oily food for better digestion.