Swine Flu Detecting Astrologically

Swine Flu

Let us now check the upcoming Annual Tajaka starting from August 2009.

The Roga sahama falls in Capricorn at 22-56 degrees. The lord of the sahama, Saturn (26-51 degrees in Leo in Tajaka ) is in the 6th house from the year ascendant! Mercury, the lord of the 6th in Solar chart follows Saturn in close encounters at 23-25 degrees. This shows that the new birth day for India (as per Independence chart) begins with the disease.

Jupiter, the lagna lord is in inimical 8-6 axis with the Roga sahama lord. The 6th lord Sun (in the Tajaka chart) is in Itthashala with the lagna lord. This is also not an auspicious combination (1-7 axis). The saving grace is that the lagna lord is having a favorable 3rd aspect on lagna. But the positive results of that aspect will start only when Jupiter stops retrogression on 13-10-2009.

Earlier in the analysis of Mundane lagna we found the relief from 24-10-2009 onwards when Mercury leaves Virgo. The Tajaka reckoning also shows the same period for relief. Therefore we can expect relief for India from this epidemic by October 2009.

Ashtakavarga indicators

There is yet another perspective we have to see to determine the time of misfortunes such as this epidemic.
The transit of malefics in specific stars indicated by Ashtakavarga is helpful in identifying difficult times ahead.
Therefore some basic calculation is worked out from the Ashtakavarga table of the natal chart of India.
The star identified from the calculation between Lagna to Saturn is Aslesha Between Saturn to Lagna is Uttaraphalguni

Between Lagna to Mars is Aslesha.
Between Mars to Lagna is Makha.

Between Lagna to Rahu is Purvaphalguni.
Between Rahu to Lagna is Makha.

From Aslesha to Uttaraphalguni – for a continuous duration of 52 : 20 degrees in the zodiac, time is not good for India. Malefics such as Saturn and Ketu have been transiting these stars for the past few years. This explains the spurt in terrorism in the last few years, the untold miseries in different fronts and now the outbreak of the epidemic.