Swine Flu Detecting Astrologically

Swine Flu

The Dasa Chidra at the current times also accentuates the miseries for the people of India.

What is the remedy?

The Annual Solar chart always comes with Virgo as the 6th house and its lord Mercury in close encounters with the Sun.
The Solar year will be born either with Mercury in debility or in combustion or else without these two afflictions at times.
The whimsical play with Mercury, the 6th and 3rd lord is however there every year.
The Solar New year celebrated as Vishu is the time of Vishnu padam in the Heavens in Vamana avatar (vernal equinox).

Worship of Vishnu on that day goes well with relief from diseases. Gemini, the natural 3rd house stands for medicine and Virgo stands for food which is natural medicine. Vishnu the lord of Mercury is Himself the Medicine.
It is Ved Vyasa’s triple promise that the chanting of the names of Vishnu, “Achyutha, Anantha and Govinda” is the best medicine.

Achyuthaananda Govinda Namoccharana Bheshajaath /
Nasyanthi Sakala Rogaath Satyam Satyam Vadamyaham //

Let everyone begin every Solar New year with a prayer to Vishnu that He protects the world from diseases and that He heals as the Supreme medicine. For the current epidemic, worship of Vishnu and performing Sudharshana homa for the benefit of community can be done to get relief from this epidemic.