Astrology and Diabetes Mellitus

sadhya kaphottha das'a pittaja at /
yapya na sadhya pavanas'catu ka //
samakriyatvad vi amakriyatvat /
mahatyatvacca yathakrma te //

There are ten varieties of meha diseases arising out of phlegm, six arising out of bile, and four arising out of wind. (Thus there are twenty varieties). Those arising out of phlegm can be cured. But it is difficult to cure bilious diseases, and windy diabetes which causes decay and defies medical treatment.

Diabetes in Astrology

Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease relating to the function of pancreas characterized by deficiency of insulin, consequent disability to the use of carbohydrates, excess sugar in blood and urine, thirst, hunger, frequent urination, emaciation of the body and imperfect combustion of fats, resulting in acidosis. In its worst from it can cause coma leading to moribund condition and ultimate death. It affects eye-sight and vital organs, causing neuropathy and in general complicates any other disease. Healing of wounds is delayed and may result in the amputation of the wounded parts of the body. All these facts have to be taken into account in the astro-analysis of diabetes. There is huge mass of astrological literature giving the combinations for diseases and we have culled out some of these

To delineate the nature of this abominable disease, some basic facts have to be ascertained.

Pancreas is situated above the navel and below the heart. Thus we can conclude that it is represented by the 5th house. The second drekkana of the sixth house which indicates the belly of the body has also to be reckoned with.

The seventh house which indicates the waist and urinary diseases has also a role. The eighth house, particularly second drekkana which is symmetric to the second drekkana of 6th has to be included. Astrological works give combinations relating to 6th and 8th houses and they have to be carefully utilized. The sixth and seventh houses of Kalapurusha namely Virgo and Libra, Leo which indicates belly and digestive problems, and Scorpio indicating the genital organs have indisputably a role. When these houses or ras'is are occupied by or aspected by malefic or placed between malefic, problems relating to urine and connected organs are, in general, indicated.

In Astrology Venus is treated as the Karaka for Prameha (diabetes mellitus) vide

pa dus'le mamarutprakopanayanavyapatpramehamayat - Phaladipika


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