Swine Flu Detecting Astrologically

Note the 8th and 11th lords crowding the 12th house along with Ketu. The 6th house is directly afflicted by them where Rahu is posited. The 12th house of P isces signifies Kakaaya in the Ayadi varga. This indicates danger of disease to or through birds. The direction of Pisces is Northeast. The disease that usually affects birds started attacking humans in epidemic proportions. This started in China in the North east. Neptune is in retrogression in the Martian constellation.

The Avian Flu in the name SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) broke out again in epidemic proportions in the year 2004.

Sun                            0 Ar 00' 02.42" Aswi         1      Ar
Moon                        17 Cp 30' 07.75" Srav       3     Cp
Mars                        20 Ta 55' 32.13" Rohi        4     Ta
Mercury (R)            5 Ar 48' 57.55" Aswi           2     Ar
Jupiter (R)             15 Le 42' 41.81" PPha       1     Le
Venus                      14 Ta 56' 48.65" Rohi       2     Ta
Saturn                    13 Ge 36' 07.53" Ardr          3     Ge
Rahu                      18 Ar 18' 25.04" Bhar          2     Ar
Ketu                        18 Li 18' 25.04" Swat          4     Li

In this Solar year chart of 2004, both Mercury and the sign Pisces are afflicted. Mercury, the 6th lord is combust. Mercury and Rahu are closing towards each other. Rahu is the asterism of the Maraka, Venus who has joined the 8th lord Mars in the 2nd. The 12th house Pisces receives the 10th aspect of Saturn who also aspects its lord Jupiter. Jupiter is in retrogression in the asterism of the Maraka Venus. Note that the retro Jupiter is in exact opposition to Neptune. It is also receiving the 4th aspect of the 8th lord Mars from the Marakasthana. Thus affliction to the sign of Kakaaya is evident thereby signifying a danger to or through birds. Thousands of birds also were killed to control the epidemic. The epidemic started in the North eastern part of the globe.

Thus it is possible to predict the outbreak of an epidemic of the nature of Swine flu from the Solar New year chart.