Saturn Transit 2018 results for Taurus Sign

Saturn Transit
Saturn, the year 2018 would be transiting your 8th house of horoscope. Eighth house signifies transformation, misfortune, disappointments, unexpected gains and losses and research. In 2018, Saturn would continue to transit Sagittarius throughout. Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius is neutral to Saturn. Until 26th October 2017, Saturn was moving in your 7th house in Scorpio which was relatively a better position but still it would have affected your marital harmony to some extent. While Saturn transit in Sagittarius would lessen the mental anguish in marital relationship, there could be some disappointments still. Transformations in various aspects of life are expected due to this placement.
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You may become vulnerable emotionally, a lot sensitive than before. Your expectations and desires would increase, especially in terms of relationships but lack of fulfillment may cause distress and dissatisfaction. This could also lead to frustration in close relationships. Placement of Saturn also suggests that you would become aware of your moral standards.
2018 is a positive year to organize your finances. In fact, there is a strong need to manage your money efficiently as chances of debt are strong. You need to be watchful of your spending tendencies. In career matters, Saturn may propel desire to start a new business or explore a new field of work.

Saturn in Sagittarius in 2018 is good for research related work. However, in general, delay and dejections would prevail in the tasks you undertake. During this year, you need to exercise caution in health matters particularly, as Saturn is occupying the 8th house.

Saturn being the lord of 9th house is placed in a malefic house, which suggests that luck may not be on your side. Health of father may also become a cause of concern and expenses on health of father are possible. You may also observe an underlying strain in your relationship with father due to some strife. Spending on career advancement is also on the cards. With this placement, some spiritual journeys may also be undertaken this year.

In terms of career, 2018 is a testing phase for jobholders. You may have to work harder than ever to fulfill your career objectives. Stress and work pressure would increase but you need to keep a watch on your health at the same time.

Saturn is also influencing your house of immediate family matters and wealth. Someone close might suffer from an illness or disease this year. Saturn may also trim down your accumulated wealth and savings. You need to be cautious with money management and maintain balance between inflow and outflow of money.
Saturn is not favorable for your children’s health. Students seeking higher education may experience some roadblocks in their path to academic success and progeny prospects are not much strong either. You may observe some disharmony and degradation in your love relationships too. Success would not come easy in competitions. Overall, Saturn transit in Sagittarius in 2018 doesn’t seem much positive, Taurus. You will need to put in sincere efforts and keep expectations low in the areas discussed above.
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