Jupiter transit in Sagittarius: How will it impact Cancer moon sign?

Jupiter transit in Sagittarius: How will it impact Cancer moon sign?


Jupiter is said to be the largest and heaviest amongst the planets in the solar system. In vedic astrology, it is known as ‘guru’ or ‘brihaspati’ and is the planet of expansion and growth. It is considered to be a great benefic which generally bestows auspicious results. Jupiter is the significator or ‘karaka’ of religion, marriage, education, higher learning, spirituality, children, finances etc. and has ownership over the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces.

Jupiter’s transit in its own sign

Jupiter’s transit is always carefully examined to predict important happenings in an individual’s life as it occurs almost after 12 years. On 5th November 2019, Jupiter entered its own sign of Sagittarius. This is a significant event in the celestial skies as Jupiter’s transit through its own sign is bound to provide highly beneficial results in the areas it rules.

Sagittarius is the Mooltrikona sign of Jupiter, which means Jupiter feels quite comfortable here and will be happy to confer its blessings and fortunate energy upon us. Jupiter’s sojourn through Sagittarius will generally be a period of optimism and luck as it will open doors to new opportunities and broaden our horizons and interests. It will promote spiritual quests, philosophy, learning and applying knowledge and wisdom to sail smoothly through life.

Jupiter will stay in Sagittarius until 20th November 2020 and have a to and fro movement in between. It will enter the sign of Capricorn for a brief period from 30th March 2020 to 30th June 2020 and will be in retrograde motion from 14th May 2020 to 13th September 2020.

Jupiter will be conjunct Ketu during a major part of its stay in Sagittarius until Ketu moves to another sign on 23rd September 2020.

Jupiter and Cancer moon sign

The sign of Cancer is ruled by Moon as per vedic astrology, with whom Jupiter shares a friendly relationship with Moon. For Cancer moon sign, Jupiter rules over the sixth house of health, job, daily routine, service, hygiene, debts, work environment and the ninth house of luck, higher learnings and philosophy, long distance travels and father. The transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius in the sixth house is going to provide positive results to the natives of Cancer moon sign although actual results will depend on the dignity of Jupiter and other planets in your birth chart.

How will your professional life be during this transit?

For Cancer moon sign natives, Jupiter’s transit through its own sign will lead to growth and development in the professional sphere. You will be blessed with new opportunities for career growth both from homeland and overseas.

You may also get the opportunity to travel to foreign lands as you will be involved in foreign projects during this time, which will help to expand your knowledge base. You will have a pleasant environment at workplace and will share a great camaraderie with your colleagues and boss, which will result in better productivity.

You will have a better interaction with your peers during this time, which will result in better coordination at workplace. You will be inclined to have a routine and disciplined life during this time and your organizational skills will help you to accomplish your tasks well in time.

If you have been planning to start a new business or an independent venture, this transit will help you to take the first step. Existing business professionals will have a profitable time during this transit, as it will be marked by expected gains and returns.

If you are running a business in partnership, you will be lucky to have the desired help and cooperation from your business partner, which will result in growth of business and profits.

How will your wealth and finances be during this transit?

Jupiter’s transit in Sagittarius this year will lead to an enhancement in the financial standing of the natives of Cancer moon sign. Jupiter will positively influence your financial status by increasing your savings. However, income will be followed by some expenditure too but it would be manageable and under control.

A steady career will increase your earnings and improve your financial condition to a great extent. Better job opportunities and chances of promotion will help you with an improved pay and monetary benefits, which will give a boost to your finances.

A strong financial condition will contribute towards easy fulfillment of your basic needs and a secure and comfortable life. If you are a businessperson, the transit of Jupiter will augment your luck by helping you get new projects and deals which will result in a good in flow of money.

Chances of wealth accumulation will be good during this time, which will help you to have financial stability.

However, there will be a considerable amount of expenditure on health and travels during this transit. You will be health conscious during this time and spend money on self-improvement.

Travels, especially to distant lands and pleasure trips will increase during this time and will incur expenditure.

How will your relationships be during this transit?

Jupiter’s transit in the sign of Sagittarius will be like a breath of fresh air in the personal life and relationships of the natives of Cancer moon sign.

It will bring in a sense of optimism and hope for you as there will be better understanding and harmony in relationships. You will be focused towards healing and personal development which will positively impact your relationship with the self and your loved ones.

Singles will be lucky to come across a suitable partner during this time and get the opportunity to tie the knot. Married ones will also have a harmonious relationship with their spouse.

Communication will play a key role in your relationships during this time, hence you should not be critical or blunt in your speech as that might have an adverse impact on your married life.

Your spouse will be spiritually inclined during this time. However, their health will need extra care and attention and you need to devote extra time towards the wellbeing of your spouse.

Family environment will be cordial during this time as you will have an amicable relationship with your family members.

You will particularly share a good relationship with your father during this time and his guidance and support will help you in your personal and professional life. There will be auspicious ceremonies and celebrations at home and you might travel together with family.

How will your children and education be during this transit?

Students of Cancer moon sign will have a positive time during this transit as Jupiter, the planet of knowledge and wisdom will transit the sign of higher learning, education and philosophy.

Your hard work will reap rewards in the form of good scores in academics. You will get the desired success in competitive exams and those planning to appear in interviews will be selected.

Those looking to pursue higher education abroad will be lucky to get admission in a course and University of their choice. However, you should be careful not to lose focus and dedicatedly work hard towards your goals.

Children of Cancer moon sign natives will do well during this transit. Their health will remain good and so will their academic performance be. You won’t have to face much troubles on account of your children as Jupiter being the significator of children will give good results while transiting through its own sign.

Effects during Jupiter’s retrograde movement

During its year long transit through the sign of Sagittarius, Jupiter will turn retrograde from 14th May 2020 to 13th September 2020. While in retrograde motion, Jupiter will provide you the opportunity to introspect and reexamine those aspects of life, which it governs. It might prompt you to take note of your weak areas and work upon them for a better quality of life.

During Jupiter’s retrograde movement:

You should be cautious in your relationships and handle conflicts and arguments with maturity and wisdom. You should remain polite and humble during this time and apply spiritual knowledge in your practical life.

Avoid taking loans or making a huge investment in a new business or venture. Even if you have to, make sure to conduct a due diligence and proceed with proper planning.

Take special care of your health during this time by avoiding unhealthy and junk food. This is a good transit to initiate a fitness regime or discipline.

Do not be dependent on luck and give priority to your hard work and efforts. Avoid getting entangled in disputes and legal matters.

You might financial crunch during this time, hence you should keep a tab on your expenditures and wasteful spendings and try to save more for rainy days.