Importance of Sun in Vedic Astrology

Sun signifies strength, status, and influence in your immediate surrounding. We explain to you how the favorable and unfavorable placement of the Sun in your horoscope can have an impact on your life.

Importance of Sun in Vedic Astrology
  1. Understanding the Planet Sun
  2. Planetary configuration of Sun
  3. Professions ruled by Sun
  4. Personality of those ruled by Sun
  5. Positive & negative results of Sun

Sun, the essence of our existence

Sun is the life giver, enlightens the whole world. Its energy is profound, has the ability to shape up your identity. Sun is the true representation of the self, the soul, your exterior, personality, and appearance. It gives you the spirit and liveliness, but can make you aggressive and egoistic too. It can give you an exceptional creative instinct and makes you ready to face challenges in life. It is the essence of existence, our face to the world out there.

In Vedic Astrology, Sun also stands for the authority, the father figure. It endows natives with the ability to lead, to rule the world and make a mark. By the strong will-power endowed by Sun, we learn to manifest ourselves in our surroundings. It is majestic thus cannot be challenged, and has a royal air to it. It also takes control of our health, the wheel of the cart of life. We cannot move ahead without the blessing of this mighty planet. Its golden radiance fills our soul with energy, confidence, courage and ironclad will. Here is why it holds such an important place in Vedic Astrology.

Planetary Configuration

Sun takes around one year to complete its zodiacal cycle and spends around a month in each sign. It is the ruling planet of Leo, the 5th house. Sun shares a friendly relationship with Moon, Mars and Jupiter. However, it is enemy with Venus and Saturn and Mercury is neutral with Sun. Sun’s influence is positive if it is placed in own sign or exalted. It is exalted in Aries at up to 10 degrees. Beyond that, it will be exalted but positive outcomes may lessen. Sun is debilitated in Libra at up to 10 degrees. This position makes the native low on confidence. Sun forms a Mooltrikon relationship when it is in Leo from 0-20 degrees.

Professions ruled by Sun

Sun is referred to as the king among the imperial stars. Those under the strong influence of Sun often hold important position in authority such as government officials, royal patronage, politician, magistrate and auditing officer. Sun’s placement in 10th house indicates success in government or corporate sector. Those in business may deal with jewelry. Sun’s position may also make the native a director or a doctor. And if it shares a combination with Mars, the native may become a surgeon. People born with strong Sun are often bearer of magnetic personalities and can do wonders on stage. Performing arts is another suitable field for natives with good placement of Sun.

Personality of those ruled by Sun

Those born with strong Sun in Ascendant or in Leo have some unique qualities to them. They tend to be highly generous people, with a strong will and a royal radiance. They would be bold and bright, with a great sense of humor and self-pride but at the same time, they would be very kind with heart of gold. These natives are likely to attain name and fame in life and are quite optimistic about future. It makes the natives ambitious, competitive, and highly driven people. However, if Sun is weakly positioned, debilitated, aspected by or placed in enemy sign, it may make the person selfish, shrewd, aggressive, jealous, and overly clingy & egoistical.

Positive and Negative Results of Sun

A transiting Sun can impact one’s life in more ways than one. If transit Sun is placed in 3rd house, it indicates possibility of wealth, profit from land or property, fame, and respect. But at the same time, it may lead to problems with brothers and disputes due to ego. Its placement in 6th and 11th house, frees oneself from diseases and gives success. And in 10th house, it ensures positive outcomes and profit from government.

Transiting Sun in 1st house makes one tired and erratic and gives some unavoidable travels. In second house, it increases health complications, wealth loss and problems with partner. In fifth house, Sun makes the native twitchy while its placement in 7th house indicates loss of respect and defame. Sun in 8th house may give you issues related to government or authority. And in 9th house, it may lead to family problems especially separation from relatives and disappointment overall. 12th house based Sun may increase expenses.

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