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Mercury in Aquarius in January 2020 for Aries moon sign

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  1. Mercury in Aquarius in January 2020 for Aries moon sign
  2. Mercury transit in Capricorn in January 2020 for Aries Moon Sign
  3. Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for Aries moon sign

Mercury in Aquarius in January 2020 for Aries moon sign

Mercury will be transiting in Aquarius from 31st January 2020 to 7th April 2020. During this phase, it will turn retrograde on 17th February 2020 and will resume direct motion on 10th March 2020. This transit will take place in the eleventh house for Aries moon sign natives. As per Vedic astrology, eleventh house represents gains, sudden profits, recreation, income, friends and network circle, fulfillment of desires, elder siblings, hopes etc. and Mercury’s transit here will bring alive these themes for the natives of Aries moon sign.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Aquarius on your professional life

Mercury’s transit in Aquarius will be a mixed period for your professional life. It will enhance your creativity and allow you to have a stronger self-expression with respect to your ideas and plans. You will be reflective during this phase and will review and analyze your working style and professional goals and try to bring some changes for better career prospects.

Your efforts and hard work will be recognized and appreciated which will make you feel encouraged. You will have a cordial relationship with your colleagues and it will be beneficial for you to follow their suggestions. However, you should be careful while responding to emails or messages as any carelessness or negligence could affect your professional relationships.

Avoid any major decision related to loan and legal matters and this is also not a favorable time to invest in share market, gambling or speculative activities. If you are involved in a job or work related to the government, it will be wise to think through things before taking important decisions.

It will be good to follow the advice of an experienced person or religious guru as it will enhance your luck during this transit.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Aquarius on your personal life

Personal life of Aries moon sign natives demands a little caution during this transit. There might be a lack of understanding in your relationships owing to miscommunication. If not handled well, it could take the shape of a conflict.

It is advisable to think well before speaking and watch your words to avoid any chance of misunderstanding. Don’t be too quick to reply as your words could be misinterpreted. Married couples might have minor arguments, which will affect domestic harmony. However, you will be able to resolve them with your wisdom and mature approach.

You will have a pleasant time with your friends as there will be a sudden and unplanned short travel which will be relaxing and joyful for you. Your friends will be helpful and supportive during this time. Your social circle will expand as there is a possibility of meeting new people and establishing new contacts.

Your elder sibling might approach you regarding some help and you will be able to assist them, which will help to strengthen your bond. However, you need to be careful while communicating with your siblings and neighbors during this time.

Health would need attention during this time as you could experience sudden ailments and illness, which could turn problematic if ignored. You need to be careful about your diet and be especially cautious while consuming water and other beverages as you could be prone to infections during this time. There could be some expenditure related to health. You should also keep a distance from electronic gadgets to have a good and sound sleep.

Mercury transit in Capricorn in January 2020 for Aries Moon Sign

Aries Moon, Mercury shall enter your tenth house on 13th January 2020 and shall remain there till 31st January 2020. As per Vedic astrology, tenth house is the house of career, professional success, father, bosses, seniors etc. and Mercury’s transit here shall overall be beneficial for professional growth apart from a few challenges as it shall let be accompanied by Sun and Saturn.

On the personal front, there will be peace and happiness at home. However, Mother’s health would need attention as there could be some minor ailments. Your own health would also need extra care as you might feel overburdened due to increased responsibilities at your workplace.

Effects of Mercury’s transit to Capricorn on your professional life

Even though it is going to be a short transit, your focus on career and business matters shall be enhanced during this transit and you could find yourself developing strategies for professional growth.

It will be a good period professionally as you will come across opportunities to work with government officials or seniors, which will ensue gains. However, you need to be careful and prudent in your communication and dealings with government authorities or officials.

This is also a favorable time for getting political favors and establishing connections. On the career front, there could also be work-related short travels and Mercury could also help you to get recognition along with pay hike for your efforts.

There are chances of a change in career or getting new opportunities at workplace leading to a growth in your reputation. You will be brimming with confidence and ideas and will have the urge to communicate them to others and develop professional plans and goals.

If involved in own business, you might consider expanding your business and foraying into new ventures. For working professionals, the atmosphere at workplace will be cordial and your colleagues shall be supportive of your endeavours.

However, since Mercury will be in the company of Sun and Saturn, you need to be cautious with your words especially at your workplace or in business related communication. Avoid arguments or confrontations with seniors and colleagues.

Maintain good relationship with your father and with bosses and seniors at workplace as the Sun is the significator of father and senior authorities as per Vedic astrology. You should also be careful not to be over confident or impatient as that could lead to incorrect decisions.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Capricorn on your personal life

At times, you could feel burnt out due to multi-tasking and handling multiple projects and responsibilities. You should be careful not to work beyond your capacity as that could bring some stress.

Still, you will get to spend quality time at home and will feel a stronger connect with your family members. Since Mercury shall aspect your fourth house, you will purchase items to decorate and beautify your home.

You might be tempted to spend on luxurious and exclusive items for yourself and for your home. However, be careful not to go in for impulsive purchases.

You will feel a sense of peace in domestic affairs as benefic Mercury will aspect the fourth house which is also related to peace of mind. You can think of investing in land and real estate during this time.

However, the results may slightly vary due to the presence of Sun and Saturn in the tenth house along with Mercury. You also need to be careful about the health of your Mother as there could be some issues in that regard.

You will find yourself developing interest in spirituality, research and occult. Students will do well in their studies as they would find it easier to concentrate.

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for Aries moon sign

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius beginning 25th December 2019 is going to take place in the 9th house of Aries moon sign natives. This house is known as the Dharma Bhava in Vedic Astrology and represents your religious instincts, values, ethics and philosophical outlook.

Mercury’s movement in your 9th house during this transit will give out some challenges in varied aspects of life for the Aries natives, until 13th January 2020.

However, spiritual enlightenments and dynamic approach will help you get past most of these obstacles with much fanfare.

Your health status will be on the road to improvement with certain hindrances that will show up from time to time during this transit period.

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for the personal life of Aries moon sign

During the transit of Mercury in Sagittarius, Aries moon sign natives will have a period of ups and downs in personal life. This will be more to do with your health and legal matters. Therefore, you need to ensure that you stay away from any legal tangles or government related matters, which may result in disputes and also focus on maintaining a daily routine to stay fit, at this point of time.

  • Chances of things getting stuck post an initial stimulus is high, in this transit period. However, relief for you will come in the form of support from your family members, who will back your ideas and ideologies at every step and offer you the much needed confidence to lead and shine.
  • Short distance travelling will take you to faraway places, so, pre-plan and take proper cautious to derive benefits from these journeys.
  • Aries moon sign natives must avoid using much of electronic gadgets at this time, as it may prove damaging for your health and well-being. Also, put a cap on your junk food and fried food consumption, in this period.
  • Religious activities will improve the atmosphere at home. You may perform these activities with your siblings or father, during the transit of Mercury in Sagittarius.

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for the professional life of Aries moon sign

The transit of Mercury in Sagittarius is going to offer the Aries moon sign natives good opportunities at work front. However, you will only win through sheer dedication, hard work and efforts in this period. Act and be active in this phase to get maximum benefits of this transit on your professional endeavors. Aries natives should also take care of being modest and humble towards their colleagues for a peaceful period.

  • Being honest and committed towards your job will pay you very well in terms of salary increments, promotions and favorable changes in profile or workplace.
  • For students, success in higher education is foreseen. You may get to achieve your academic desires and get yourself enrolled in the university or institution of your choice.
  • Yoga and meditation will help you stay focused on your work and perform your duties well.
  • Aries moon sign natives must also avoid any arguments in this period, as trivial issues may take an upturn for no reason and could prove damaging for your professional rapport.