Saturn Transit 2018 results for Gemini

Saturn Transit
In 2018, Saturn is transiting your 7th house that governs important matters like marriage & spouse, business partnerships, influence in foreign countries etc. Saturn would continue to transit in Sagittarius sign throughout the year. Earlier Saturn was in Scorpio, the lord of which is Mars that is in inimical relationship with Saturn. But now, Saturn has moved into Sagittarius. The ruling planet Jupiter shares a relatively moderate relationship with Saturn so this change over is somewhat positive.

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Until 26th October 2017, Saturn was placed in Scorpio in your 6th house of debt, diseases, enemies, competition, service and mental stress. While Saturn’s move into Sagittarius is not much positive for love, marriage & romantic affairs, it is a welcome one because it has moved out of a malefic sector of your horoscope. You would feel some relief in debt and your enemies would get weaker too this year.

As the year begins, you may have to undergo some struggle in all aspects but eventually, you would begin to feel some respite as well. This is the year to establish a deeper equation with people and understand the relationship dynamics. You may ponder deeply about everything this year. Some spiritual travels are also indicated. You would seek answers and opportunities, in order to strive for a better lifestyle. And this tendency would help you make some major shifts in life. In relationship matters, this is the year to exercise caution as some sudden issues are expected.

Saturn in 7th house may cause some disappointments between married couples. Fun and romance quotient would remain low, especially due to your & your spouse’s busy schedule. You may not get enough time to spend with each other to strengthen your bond. Relationship with business partner may also suffer to some extent. 2018 is not positive to indulge in new business associations. If you still want to, be very cautious in terms of who you choose.

Saturn is also influencing your ascendant, which means that you may have to undergo some level of physical sufferings and health downfall. You may not feel as vigorous and energetic as before. Nonetheless, your outlook would be serious and disciplined. You would take your responsibilities seriously and fulfill them with sincerity. Patience and discipline would help you face challenges without distress. Saturn would make you strong and resilient mentally. You will understand the complexities of life but still, some level of dissatisfaction would persist as you would not enjoy the desired reward of your efforts.

Saturn is aspecting your house of domestic comforts too which is not favorable for your mother’s health. Some strain and friction may be felt in domestic environment. You may not be able to obtain luxuries and material comforts as easily as before. It would take some serious effort to attract material possessions.

On the work front, relocation or long distance journeys due to work are possible this year. However, these journeys may not be as rewarding as you may expect. Overall, Saturn in 2018 has an average placement for Gemini. You would need to work your guts off to attract success. This is the time to act strong, especially when it comes to relationships. Make sure to maintain work-life balance and do not neglect your relationships. At the same time, don’t get too serious about matters and keep the fun quotient alive.

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