Aries Health And Fitness in The Year 2021

Health is of utmost importance in today’s world. The term ‘Health is wealth’ has never been proven true more in the second decade of 21st century than ever. Keeping good health and taking care of ourselves is as much in our hands as it is dependent on our stars. Let Vedic astrology guide you to a better 2021. Read more…

Aries Health And Fitness in The Year 2021

As per your sign, your health predictions shows a good start with the onset of benevolent Jupiter in Aquarius sign, which will keep you posted with good energy and enthusiasm and your health will be good during the entire year. You will have to take care of your health in a general way to maintain balance in your work and life.

Till June 2021

You will be very devoted to your work with your entire physical and mental caliber. This may create an imbalance in your work and rest schedule due to which you may have variations of energy levels on different days. The retrogression of Saturn in May and retrogression of Jupiter in June will bring contradictions in your mental frame where your anxiety level will be high and you will be prone to disturbance over petty things.

July to September

Your personal planet Mars will be placed in the 5th [creativity and speculation] and 6th house [health] during this period. You will find new excuses for ignoring your personal health, as transiting Jupiter and Saturn will make you prone to multitasking in your career and other arenas of life. Your professional commitments will keep you busy and as it shows in your health horoscope that you will face anxiety over work disorder. Avoid multitasking and keep your work priority in schedule to save your energy and keep a watch over your vital energy levels, as it will be important for sustaining your health and vitality.

October to December

The period from October to December will give you setbacks in regard to your career and you will try your best to bring your ventures on track. You will be fruitful but your health will demand your attention and you are advised to take care of your diet and routine fitness exercise. Rahu will transit in the 2nd house of your horoscope and Ketu will move in the 8th house throughout the year. You will need to pay extra attention on your diet and time in your daily routine for your good health. Avoid junk and fatty oily food that might cause bloating. Stay vigilant over health issues related to blood, kidney, or liver and consume more of fiber rich food to sustain healthy bowel movements. Seek quick medical attention if any you notice any anomaly related to your health for quick recovery.