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2020 Health Horoscope


New Year is all about making resolutions for a better life. But you cannot plan your future well if you are not in a healthy state of mind and body. Like every year, year 2020 too offers some favorable periods of health and fitness and some challenging phases which will demand caution and precaution.

Precaution is indeed better than cure, so while astrological predictions cannot avoid the occurrence of certain events in your life, it can prepare you to take on the challenges in a better way.

Vedic astrology predictions help in alerting the natives in advance about their healthcare needs, so they can take necessary steps to minimize the complications and avoid any major health loss.

In doing so, analysis of the retrogression, combust, conjunction, exaltation and debilitation periods of key planets and specific moon sign house lords, plays a major role.

In the year 2020, the following periods will layout the foundation for your health and well-being status, for the entire year:

Transit of Saturn in Sagittarius till 24th January 2020. Post this period it will move into Capricorn.

Rahu will be placed in Gemini till 23rd September 2020. Post this period it will move into Taurus sign.

Ketu will be placed in Sagittarius till 23rd September 2020. Post this period it will move to Scorpio sign.

The transit of Jupiter is going to be of great significance, as it is going to go retrograde and direct, quite a few times, during the year.

  • During the start of the year 2020, Jupiter will be in Sagittarius.
  • From 30th March to 30th June 2020, it will move into Capricorn sign.
  • During 14th May to 13th September 2020, Jupiter will undergo retrogression, with its movement in Sagittarius.
  • Post 20th November 2020, Jupiter will go direct in Capricorn.

The periods of retrogression will be extremely important as they will define the specific health areas which will require more attention or caution in the year 2020.

The Health horoscope for the year 2020, not only defines the status of your own health in the New Year, but also encompasses the effect of planetary movements on the health of your near and dear ones.

Basis the principles of Vedic Astrology, Indastro brings you a sneak-peek into the planetary positions and the key transits that will define the health status of the 12 moon signs, in the year 2020.

Aries 2020 Health horoscope:

AriesDuring the start of the year 2020, your moon sign lord Mars will be placed in your 8th house, in its own sign, to give you inner strength to fight off any health ailments. Read more…

Taurus 2020 Health horoscope:

TaurusVenus will be positioned in your 6th house of diseases, in the year 2020, your health needs, in general, will demand some level of caution throughout the year. Read more…

Gemini 2020 Health horoscope:

Gemini In the year 2020, your horoscope analysis asserts greater focus on health care and overall well-being. Read more…

Cancer 2020 Health horoscope:

CancerYou will have a rough beginning, as far as health is concerned, but things will be much better as you will approach year-end. Read more…

Leo 2020 Health horoscope:

LeoLeo moon sign natives may anticipate some favorable changes in health and lifestyle during the year 2020. Read more…

Virgo 2020 Health horoscope:

VirgoYou will largely be in a good state of health, in the year 2020, with some minor health ailments cropping up, occasionally. Read more…

Libra 2020 Health horoscope:

LibraWhatever health issues you face in this year will largely erupt due to your own negligence towards your health needs. Read more…

Scorpio 2020 Health horoscope:

ScorpioThe health horoscope 2020 for Scorpio moon sign shows that they will be blessed with a good health spell, during the year. Read more…

Sagittarius 2020 Health horoscope:

SagittariusYour healthcare needs will be largely guarded by the placement and movement of Saturn and Jupiter and the state of your moon sign lord. Read more…

Capricorn 2020 Health horoscope:

CapricornYour general health will be good, but vitality will be a little low, during the starting of the year. Read more…

Aquarius 2020 Health horoscope:

AquariusYou will focus more on income gains and will neglect your health, in the process. Read more…

Pisces 2020 Health horoscope:

PiscesYour health predictions for the year 2020 indicates that you may require to keep a check on your mental health. Read more…