Saturn Transit 2018 Results for Virgo

Saturn Transit
Saturn is transiting your 4th house of domestic environment, assets, possessions, material comforts like house and vehicles, luxuries, land, mother and real estate matters. Saturn would remain in this position throughout the year 2018. Here, it is occupying Sagittarius, the lord of which is Jupiter. Until 26th October 2017, Saturn was placed in Scorpio in your 3rd house. Saturn’s move into Sagittarius is not much favorable for domestic peace overall but your relationship with siblings would somewhat improve. Restrictions you were feeling in terms of communication and correspondence would diminish now. You would be able to express yourself more freely.

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This year, you would feel a strong need to get recognition in your social sphere and may make serious efforts into this direction. However, some issues of the past may raise heads and disturb you mentally. It’s best to let the past be past and move on. You might have to face a lot of competition this year in all aspects. Nonetheless, there is a chance that you may get desired job or transfer to a place of choice if you continue to make efforts.  You might feel alone due to lack of support from family. Don’t worry as things would eventually improve on the home front. This is a good year to enjoy business prospects. While you may not get to fulfill and enjoy little things in life but this year ensures that you keep working towards the bigger picture so as to enjoy long term prospects.

Your mother would become spiritually inclined and have a serious and philosophical outlook towards life. Familial harmony may be limited. There could be clashes at times due to difference in opinions and choices. Priorities may differ which could trigger arguments or emotional distance. You may also struggle to enjoy material comforts. While Saturn doesn’t deny all this but you may experience some delay and challenges. Saturn in this position is favorable for acquisition of land.

Saturn being the lord of 5th house is placed 12th from it. This position may trigger expenses on health and wellbeing of children and also on love & dating matters. You may also feel inclined towards esoteric and mystical sciences this year. If married, progeny related issues such as miscarriage, abortion, or caesarian are possible.

Saturn is also the lord of 6th house and its placement suggests health issues for mother. A sense of jealousy may be felt among family members. You may also have to take loan to fulfill domestic needs. This position however also ensures that you would gain control over enemies and opponents. You would become more industrious and productive too.

Its aspect over 10th house of career suggests that your reputation and image at work may degrade. You may not enjoy positive public esteem. Saturn also demands a cautious approach in business matters. You should avoid indulgence in unethical means and activities to acquire wealth. Otherwise, Saturn being the planet of judgment may punish you for the wrongdoings. Your rank, status and level of success may not be as impressive now. This is the period to please Saturn with your hard work and sincerity. Do not look for any shortcuts to success. You may observe that you are not being rewarded as per your efforts. This however is a transitory phase so have patience.

Saturn aspecting ascendant would make you serious and sincere but it could also affect your overall health prospects. You should maintain a healthy lifestyle and habits to avoid any health pitfalls. Otherwise, you may constantly suffer from lack of vitality and stamina.

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