How Rahu would affect your life in 2017?

How Rahu
Rahu is an imaginary planet in the sky, a reference point, but its impact upon human lives is powerful. It is considered one of the most influential planets in Vedic Astrology. As the year 2017 begins, Rahu is placed in Leo and on 9th September 2017, it would enter into Cancer sign. September would be a landmark month in 2017, bringing some defining changes in life. Below is the 2017 horoscope on how Rahu would influence each Moon Sign throughout 2017.

This horoscope is prepared on Moon Sign. You may click on know your Moon sign (sign where Moon was posited at the time of your birth) and then read the horoscope.
Aries: In the beginning, Rahu is placed in your 5th house from Moon. Until the mid of the year, a sort of confusion and mental distress would persist which is most likely to clear off in September. You would face these doubts and perplexities mostly in your love life. Concerning education, you may not get to study a subject of your own choice. On a positive note, your health would improve considerably this year. You should however take care of your mother, especially nearing the end of the year.

Taurus: Rahu is placed in your 4th house, which relates to familial happiness. The year may not start enthusiastically due to some issues and disputes in domestic matters. Nonetheless, if you have been planning a family, you may give birth to a healthy baby this year. This is a period to curb your aggression and keep ego out of the equation to keep the relations running smooth. Rahu would bring some positive developments in business matters post September. Thereafter, your efforts would render good returns.

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Gemini: As the year begins, Rahu, which is placed in your third house, will afford you success in all endeavours if you work hard enough. You may either get a promotion or consider job change that would be favourable. Purchase of a new house is also on the horizon this year. Having said that, you may have to encounter issues in your marital life due to Rahu’s position. During the last month, you need to strongly work upon your disposition and refrain from using harsh language with your loved ones.

Cancer: Rahu which is placed in your 2nd house might bring some health hazards. It would be in your best interest to not make commitments that you cannot fulfil; else, you may lose others’ trust. Using aggression with loved ones may also fan the flames further. The period after September would be marked by a sharp rise in confusion and inability to take decisions on your own. Concerning marriage, you would be able to marry a partner of your choice this year.

Leo: Rahu is placed in Leo itself so it is most likely to keep you confused throughout the year. You would observe a rise in your income in the beginning of the year. However, workload would be high throughout, so you may consider job change. As far as marriage matters are concerned, the best periods for singles to get hitched would be from August end to the end of the year. After September, you may also get to travel abroad.

Virgo: With Rahu in your twelfth house from Moon as the year starts, you would begin to feel more at ease with yourself than before. You may fall for a person of other caste, but this relationship is unlikely to culminate into marriage, not at least this year. Arguments are also possible with some family member.  Money matters would be soothing though, especially after September. Income would rise thereafter and chances of promotion are there as well. You would become quite competitive and may chase success.
Libra: Rahu’s position in your 11th house of income would be quite rewarding for you this year. Success in all endeavours is likely. And if you work hard enough, you may also boost your income and gains. We suggest you to value your time and opportunities that come along as Rahu would not give you a second chance. You need to embrace opportunities as they come. Also, you may experience spike in your aggression this year. Ill behaviour could spoil your relation with people and create distance, so be watchful.

Scorpio: Since Rahu is placed in your 10th house from Moon, it would be best to keep distance from unreliable and mischievous friends, as you might become their target. This year requires you to improve coordination with partner. There would be profit in business and some positive developments as well. You may plan a pilgrimage or spend time at religious places in 2017, especially towards the end of the year.  

Sagittarius: Rahu is placed in your ninth house and with this combination of planet comes the dire need to secure your assets and save as much as possible. This doesn’t not mean that it is not good for your finance front. Your business would see growth in the beginning of the year. Students would also make crucial wise choices concerning subject of study. Married life also seems blissful than before. And those singles may get married to a partner of their choice this year. Health however may tumble a little, especially during September to November.

Capricorn: Capricorn, Rahu is placed in your 8th house as the year kicks off. This may interfere with your personal bliss and contentment. There would be some lack of mental peace. You may also indulge in confrontations with family members and spouse too. Nevertheless, this year, you would triumph in litigation and health matters. There is also a possibility of foreign travel post March. There would be profits and positive results overall this year. However, be careful until September as some unfortunate incidents might occur.

Aquarius: Initial position of Rahu in 2017 would make you a little lazy and dependent. You may get married to a person of opposite background in terms of caste or age. Students need to avoid distractions in order to avoid failure. If you have been suffering from a chronic health issue, the period after September would bring some respite. This year seems to be slow for business and profits, especially after September.

Pisces: Rahu is in your 6th house as the year begins. Planets seem to favour your career endeavours and would bring progress.  This professional elevation would contribute towards bringing more luck and betterment to your life. You would begin to feel more hale and hearty this year. Moreover, expenses would also drop considerably. There is however, a strong need to keep your eyes peeled at work as your colleagues may be conspiring against you.

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