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Virgo, what career moves you will make in 2017?

Virgo, what
Virgo, you tend to prefer a stable and secure career but 2017 seems to be a turbulent year, so roll up your sleeves for the challenges ahead. Nevertheless, the year will be equally exciting too. 2017 for the most part, will be the year of transitions in your career. There would be a lot of changes at the start of the year itself. Your career horoscope for 2017 suggests that there is a possibility of change of workplace right in the beginning but don’t worry, you would soon get a foot in the door if the change occurs. While slow and steady, there would be incessant progress in your career throughout 2017. You would have to keep a tab on your communication though, as expression could cause issues during April, August and December. Be careful with your words during these months.

There would be a new confidence and determination and you would be all ready to get your hands dirty at work. While you are likely to put your best foot forward, you may still face issues. You would feel like you are stuck in a dead-end job and that you can’t stand the pace. While you can analyze what’s on paper, simplifying these feelings down to the last detail would be difficult for you. Virgo, you need to keep some patience and focus on work. Losing concentration could make you go off track that may lead you to your career goals. As apparent in the Virgo 2017 horoscope for career, they should focus more on being productive than busy.

Your luck may not always support you but you would find that even in critical situations, grace of God would be there to help you sidestep hurdles in life. February to May is a favorable period to start off any new projects or take new initiatives at work.  There is a possibility that you may go to far-off places in order to promote career growth and expansion. This could be on account of a business trip or relocation.

Like every relationship needs work to succeed, every work needs relationships. You seem to understand the importance of workplace bonding for the most part of the year. However, during January, some coworkers may conspire against you. It would be in your best interest to avoid indulging in arguments and disputes during such occasions, even if provoked. The period from June to August also requires caution in this regard. Your relationship with boss would be much cordial in the first half of the year. After August, there could be some issues and misunderstandings, thus be watchful and polite when dealing with them.

2017 is equally progressive for those who are running a business. Growth and expansion in business for Virgo entrepreneurs would be gradual but definite. Despite the odds you may face, it wouldn’t be a doom and gloom situation in career. There are ample chances of gains and escalation. If you frequently indulge in investment and speculation, the period from June to September end is more fruitful in 2017. Nevertheless, you need to be very cautious of the dealings.

Overall, 2017 is a positive year for Virgo natives to step ahead in the race. Career would be challenging at times but efforts would be rewarding in the end. If you put in sincere hard work, success would come eventually if not immediately.