How Ketu would affect each zodiac sign in 2017?

How Ketu
Ketu is a shadow planet that concerns itself with past life karma and spiritual growth. Its ultimate aim is to direct you towards spiritual enlightenment but it makes the journey a tough one by placing a lot of roadblocks and obstacles in life. Ketu is in Aquarius from the beginning of the year to until mid of September. It will change sign to Capricorn on 9th September 2017, which is likely to bring some key transformations in life that would remain until the mid of next year. Since its impact is long lasting, it is important to study its repercussions in all signs throughout 2017. Here is a brief overview. For comprehensive information, you could request a personalized report from Pt. Punarvasu.

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Aries: Ketu, which is placed in your 11th house as the year starts, would keep your income fluctuating until September. You may change your line of work thereafter. Nevertheless, you would be very competitive this year and students would also make a wise choice when it comes to selecting an institution. You would win over opposition and topple competitors in 2017. We advise you to avoid travelling as much as possible. Spending time at a spiritually healing place would help you lessen the mental distress you have been facing.

Taurus: Ketu is in your 10th house from Moon until September and this suggests that you should keep away from fraudulent friends and associations. You would be inclined towards spirituality and mental peace inducing activities. Married couples would also have a soothing period. It would be good to take your partner on a holiday this year. You may also enjoy parental bliss and a healthy child. Those into business would also benefit a lot this year.
Gemini: Ketu is placed in your 9th house until September. You could make your life partner your business partner too, in order to make more profit. Chances of getting a government job and good position also exist, but only if the right amount of efforts are put in. The period after April would see several hurdles on health front. Someone at workplace may try to hamper your image too, so be watchful. Those studying would plan to pursue some research after September.

Cancer: Ketu is placed in your 8th house until September. The planetary combination suggests that you may get an unexpected inheritance this year. If you have been planning to start up a business or make a big investment, it would be favourable to ask your parents for a sage advice. Singles may fall for someone, but there may be obstacles and you may not be able to meet often. Income and profit in business would be average this year so keep your expectations realistic. On a positive note, a previous investment may bring sudden good returns post September.

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Leo: Until September, Ketu is in your 7th house, which relates to partnerships.  This year, you need to exercise caution if lending money to someone. Luck may not favour you in this regard until August. From job prospects, 2017 seems to be a positive year for Leo Moon sign natives. You may get a transfer to a place you always wanted. It would be beneficial to maintain cordiality with seniors and mentors. Married life would be blissful too, particularly until September.
Virgo: Ketu is placed in your 6th house from Moon for the most part. At around the mid of the year, you would be able to travel abroad after some serious efforts. To improve your relationship, you should also take your spouse along. Success in business matters is unlikely before August so plan your moves accordingly. Those studying should be careful and concentrated as chances of a break in education might occur.

Libra: Until September, Ketu is placed in your 5th house from Moon, which relates to children and love life. Your egoistic disposition could cause strife in relationship this year. The best period for you would be when August kicks off. Concerning education, it would be best to understand the value of time before it is too late. Those working should not consider job change before September.  

Scorpio: Ketu is in your 4th house from Moon this year for the most part. This would bring success in exams and competitions. At work, you should be careful to not spoil your cordiality with boss, at least until you don’t have another offer in hand. You may be a little impolite and candid this year. Before September, you may also change your residence location or purchase a car.

Sagittarius: Ketu is in your third house this year until September. You would be quite lazy and may depend upon others to carry out responsibilities that essentially belong to you. You may waste a lot of time travelling until September. Financial position may waver a lot this year. Some stomach related problems are likely to trouble you this year, so avoid over-indulgence.

Capricorn: Ketu is placed in your 2nd house from Moon until September. Some losses in business could occur until April. Concerning work, you should try to bring stability. Changing jobs frequently wouldn’t turn out well for you. You should also keep your valuables secure as possibility of theft or loss exists. Moreover, curb down how much you spend on yourself.

Aquarius: Ketu is in your own sign until September. This suggests that you might waste a lot of time in wandering aimlessly which should be curtailed. It would be better to bring some stability and purpose to your life. Your financial position would be much better after September. You would also get your desired job and fetch profit in business this year. Chances of purchasing something precious like jewellery also exist nearing the end of the year.

Pisces: Ketu is in your 12th house from Moon until September. This position of Ketu is favourable for business matters. You may make new business associations and partnerships this year. Strong possibility of settlement abroad also forms in your horoscope. You would also get to spend some quality time with your partner