2017 Planetary Transits & Combinations By Pt. Punarvasu

2017 Planetary
We are all ready to embark upon a new journey as 2016 comes to an end & a brand new year 2017 is on the horizon. For many of us, the last 10 months would have whizzed past while for others it could have been a slow grind. But no matter how 2016 was, we will definitely remember the effects of varied Vedic combinations that made the life go up, sideways & down (depending on how favorable the Vedic planetary combinations were this year for you). Besides the regular planetary combinations, there were some special Vedic Yogas bringing opportunities & developments that the regular Western Astrology doesn’t recognize. I am discussing briefly some Vedic Yoga combinations of 2017 in advance to help you understand the opportunities & challenges in the New Year.

2017 would welcome you with some notable Vedic yogas & transits such as the Mars - Venus transit, various episodes of the Budh Aditya yoga, Adhi yoga, a powerful 4 planet & then a 5 planet combination during September 2017. There would also be the Solar & Lunar Eclipse with some very special effects on you this year. Besides, larger planets would change signs bringing a very profound impact upon your life. Saturn would shift from Scorpio to Sagittarius bringing tremendous changes. Jupiter would also change its sign from Virgo to Libra & Rahu (the dragon’s head )/ Ketu ( the dragon’s tail) would shift houses bringing very deep domestic changes in your life. A very rare occurrence of Saturn rolling down to a ‘fallen’ position would happen this year. This is a rare phenomenon that comes in about 2 decades and takes life into a tailspin at times till the ‘fallen’ position remains in motion. Also Venus, the planet of love & emotions would retrograde in its exaltation sign bringing some major surprises in form of new love / relationship and equations with loved ones.

With so much happening, the year 2017 truly is an interesting year astrologically. As the life undergoes many shifts and turns now, you would be expected to align yourself with the changed patterns, in order to live harmoniously. I can feel the drift already as results of US Presidential Elections have been out and in Asia, the largest democracy India is reeling under the after effects of demonetization of currency. You could trust Saturn to bring in more changes ahead as it gets ready to move into the next sign in Zodiac!

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