Will you acquire wealth in 2017? Your Wealth prediction for 2017

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When it comes to accumulating wealth, 2017 is a stellar year for many zodiac signs. Jupiter transit is likely to play a prominent role in influencing your wealth profile since it is strongly associated with prosperity and fortune. Moreover, Saturn is also changing sign in 2017 so astrologers are anticipating some key transformations in terms of financial stability and debt profile as Saturn is known to affect these aspects in our life too.  2017 wealth predictions for all signs below would certainly help you find out about the key wealth accumulation prospects and challenges so you can prepare for the coming year accordingly.

These predictions are based on Vedic Astrology principles, so Moon sign is used for reference. If you do not know your moon sign, click here to find out instantly.


2017 would bring in a surge of opportunities to boost your income. Constant growth in income and ample profits would keep your wealth profile covetable. However, your expenses may also shoot up in 2017, especially on virtuous pursuits and legal matters. Handle your expenditure wisely to have a stable year.


Taurus, you are known to be practical and cautious, especially in money matters. Such an approach, together with sound judgment, would help you a lot in balancing your finance in  2017. You would be able to elevate income using legitimate ways. Long distance journeys this year would be profitable and fortune would be by your side most of the time in money matters.


While you may not get rich overnight, your income profile shows steady escalation in 2017. There could be some ups and downs too so it would be better to start saving from now itself. The period between January to May and from October onwards is quite promising in terms of boosting your income. Income from overseas sources may also add to your overall assets.


Stars seem to be favouring you in 2017 at least in terms of wealth escalation. You would successfully boost your income, especially from September onwards once Jupiter changes sign. Some sudden gains are also possible thereafter. 2017 is a promising year to consider and generate more sources of income.


Your shows rising income trends. In terms of income growth, you could look forward to the period between July and August. But at the same time, expenses may also increase a lot post September. Thereafter, you may encounter unexpected gains as well as losses.


Stars do not seem to affect the financial aspect of your life much. 2017 would largely bring stability in your income. During the period from March to April, you may have to encounter sudden losses so be watchful. Nevertheless, good money-spinning prospects may knock the door between June and August. You may also earn well through overseas sources in 2017.


Libra, the pattern of stars may not be as favorable for you as it may dim the wealth prospects. Do not venture into matters where risk of money is involved. Some obstacles may persist throughout but you would sidestep them with your hard work. The period from June to September is quite promising though.


Scorpio, your 2017 wealth horoscope suggests improvement in money matters this year. Your past work would reward you now. In fact, the year may begin with some unexpected gains. Moreover, those in business would also be able to benefit from partnerships and associations in 2017.


While you should not expect a dramatic rise in income, there would be steady and constant increase. The period from February to May and thereafter, from November to December is quite promising in this regard. Income from foreign sources is also possible in 2017.


While you may not turn from rag to rich this year, there would be a lot of positive developments. You could expect some sudden gains during the month of January as well as in August and September. However, a careless approach may lead to losses too. Foreign associations are likely to boost your income in 2017.


A slow but sure elevation in your income in 2017 is on the horizon. There is a fifty-fifty chance of a sudden gain or a loss so this could be a landmark year based on what’s in your share. The period from March to May and the month of December are quite promising in terms of earning more.


Gradual rise in income would add to your overall wealth and status. However, you need to manage this additional money wisely in 2017. The period before September shows growth in income. You may also earn from foreign sources this year.