The turn of events in 2017 as per 2017 Horoscope - by Pt. Punarvasu

The turn
2017 is not a routine year. There are some rare planetary events lined up in the year. The effects of which are likely to be felt both on the macro & micro level. We have already seen the ruffles created across the world with the US Election Results and how the global financial markets had responded initially to the unexpected victory of Donald Trump. Soon thereafter India, one of the BRICS nations had announced the now world famous anti corruption & black money measure of demonetization. Since then the country had been reeling under the effect & aftermaths of currency crunch; the financial markets also responding negatively and the economy is likely to shrink by two percent. 

Saturn Transit:  These events should be seen as a build up to the Saturn, the biggest disciplinarian planet which is deemed as the supporter of honesty & integrity changing sign in 2017 into Sagittarius from Scorpio, where it was parked since 2014. In the horoscope of India, Saturn is posited in 7th house and will move into the 8th house on 26th January 2017. This planet, as a rule starts making its presence felt even before the actual transit takes place. The much hype and the pressures felt can be safely attributed to the effects of Saturn. From 7th house it is aspecting the 2nd house of wealth, leading to all the chaos related to demonetization. History is kind of repeating itself, when Saturn had last held this position around 30 years back, India had faced financial crunches back then too. It suffered loss of image due to balance of payment crisis and had to pledge its gold reserves to come out of it. 

2017 is unlike any of the years etched in our closest memory.  Life has already started witnessing many changes and they are only going to peak. Saturn will enforce its stricter ways upon us, making us acknowledge the value of good karma, honesty and hard work. Later in the year, Saturn is predicted to roll back in the special ‘fallen’ position, further increasing the challenges and mounting pressures around June 2017. This is highly uncommon and happens once in two decades.

In the year 2017, Jupiter gets the aspect of Saturn, bringing focus back to spiritual & occult forces. Spiritual pursuits will be the way ahead for a peaceful co existence in 2017. The year would see Jupiter, the guru planet making its way to the next zodiac sign - Libra in September. Jupiter's new posting in Libra, the sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love could bring challenges in the love and marital life. Jupiter in Libra also points towards mind set changes, more practical than theoretical approach to life would be there. Around April 2017, Saturn will start retrograding and will lead to challenges in workplaces and career. One could be tempted to explore new job avenues and business prospects. But the right strategy would be to stay put till such time, Saturn revives its direct motion.   

Thus, the smooth life trends and a structured approach is likely to be broken by a slew of celestial events and 2017 is likely to be anything but a dull year ahead!    
Pt. Punarvasu has been practising Vedic astrology since the last two decades. He prepares personal horoscopes for his patrons. You may like to request him for a Comprehensive 2017 Horoscope.