Taurus 2017 Love Horoscope

Taurus 2017
Dear Taurus, the beginning of the year 2017 is a positive time period for the matters of the heart. Passion runs strong during the first quarter of the year, and intensity in an existing partnership tends to increase. If you have been facing challenges in your romantic life, much can be resolved now with a calm and cool demeanor. Your love life looks promising during this time of the year and will become more stable as the year progresses.

This horoscope is based on Moon Sign, the zodiac where Moon was present at the time of your birth. If you do not know your Moon Sign? You can find it out  instantly.
Throughout the year, you will seek balance in your love life. You want your romantic relationship to have a solid foundation and you will continue to do your part to achieve it. As a result, sensuality and pleasures of the flesh might take a back seat. However, you will emotionally come closer to your partner and your understanding with each other will greatly improve.

This will also be, in some ways, a testing period for relationships, as only those relationships that are based on solid foundations will survive. In other cases, remind yourself, dear Taurus, a relationship that is not made of the right stuff will anyway fade into nothingness one day. There is only so much you can do to save it.
Interestingly, this year, if you are involved in a clandestine love affair, there are strong chances that your secret will come out. It is also a possibility that you are the one who tries to make things public and even official. Marriage is another possibility this year for you, dear Taurus

Dear Taurus, you are a hard worker in professional matters. And even though, this year, work will occupy a large share of your attention, you will take time out for love and romance. You would like to go on romantic outings and dinners with your partner and enjoy the times spent together. Some of you might travel to a religious place together and strengthen your vows.

The year 2017, for you, is not one of those years that bring tension and discord in relationships. However, some caution is advised after the month of September when carelessness in love matters can have serious repercussions. Communication with your partner could become a weak area for sometime. While you won’t feel very expressive in general, some of you might say something in the heat of the moment that will be deeply regretted. Everything will settle down towards the end of the year, however, you would not want to create any lasting damages to the relationship.

If you are single and looking for love, the time period from the month of February to end of April this year will be your best time. You will have the tendency to fall for someone who is intellectual, well read and stable in life. You will seek dependability and care rather than thrill and adventure in a partnership. A meeting of the minds would be more important for you. This time period fromFebruary to end of April is also good for any existing romantic partnerships.