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Cancer 2017 Love Horoscope

Dear Cancer, the year 2017 will bring some good moments mixed with quite a few challenges in your love life. The year will begin on a stormy and turbulent note for you. A secret related to your romantic choices would come out in the open, and it will not please anyone including you. If you are involved in a clandestine romance, it will bring you defamation and humiliation. You are a sensitive and emotional soul, dear Cancer. You trust and depend on others in a heartbeat. However, the beginning of the year 2017 is just not the time to trust just anyone with your deep-seated thoughts and feelings. Also, some tensions within an existing partnership are likely. A small misunderstanding or careless remark might escalate and cause you a lot of trouble quickly. You need to be very careful during this time.

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Luckily, this period would not last for very long and there will be bright light at the end of the tunnel for you. Any misunderstandings and tensions that arose earlier this year will start to smoothen out after the first quarter. Still, your love life will remain more or less average during this year, as you will direct all your energy into your work and business.

If you are single, some occasional romantic opportunities might come up this year, but as per your 2017 Cancer Love Horoscope, there will be nothing life changing for you. Still, in this regard, the months of January and February look promising. The month of June could also have some surprises in store for you. If marriage is on your mind, then the first half of the month is better than the second. This sounds like a rosy period for love. The domineering attitude of your partner might be a cause of concern though.

For those of you who are already in an existing partnership, it is less than an average year for love and romance. In fact, it will be a testing phase for your relationship. In this regard, the time period from the month of June to mid of September is immensely difficult and tough. You will have to work on your understanding with your partner this year. Some of you might even go for a temporary break up during this year, due to your commitment to work or because of travel. You are advised to spend more time with your partner, strengthen your bond and work on building solid roots in the relationship. In due course, everything is going to fall in place and this trend will change for better as the year progresses. The months of May and June look great for existing partnerships. You will feel loved during this time.

Although the year starts on a rough note, you must not fret, dear Cancer, for as the year progresses, all the troubles that you have been facing in your romantic life will start to dissipate slowly. All you have to do is remain extra cautious and careful during the early year, so that a long lasting damage is not made.

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