What does 2017 career forecast say for Capricorn?

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2016 was a year when you buckled down and etched your mark at workplace. The coming 2017 is equally bright and promising in career matters. Capricorn natives would ring in the New Year with a new sense of energy and enthusiasm. You will be all pumped up and eager to improve you work & upgrade your skills to stick in the mind of the boss when performance appraisals strike. While chances of landing a promotion seem to be low this year, there still would be ample growth and opportunities to make a lasting impression.
Prepared by Pt. Punarvasu, 2017 Capricorn career horoscope is based on true Vedic Astrology principles, which follow Moon Sign system of calculations. Are you a Capricorn Moon Sign? Click to know your Moon sign (sign where Moon was posited at the time of your birth) instantly. For Career Horoscope for other Moon Signs, click here

The transitions in planetary movement in your horoscope suggest that 2017 would predominantly be a stable year. However, during the period from 4th March to 15th April and 29th November till end of December, it would be better to err on the side of caution. Your involvement in any illicit or wrong activities could be damaging to career. Moreover, you need to act with decorum and avoid indulging in arguments and confrontation, especially with seniors. Overstepping the mark could get Capricorn born into trouble thus keep your cool and be polite. The month of July also seems to be quite crucial as a change of job could occur. You may also have to encounter some hurdles so keep yourself on alert mode during this month.
Capricorn natives would exhibit a positive attitude, full of confidence and jollity. Throughout 2017, you would able to make wise decisions to escalate your career progression. Your sincerity towards work would keep floundering though. What could be the precursor of troubles this year is your loose-lipped approach at work. Indulging in gossip and office politics should strictly be avoided, suggests your 2017 career horoscope. While stars may not enable you to reap the rewards for now, you would get plenty of opportunities to secure your future. This is the time to work hard and capitalize upon prospects so you can rest assured later. During the whole year, you would be in a positive state of mind to take up new challenges and responsibilities at work. February however seems to be best period when it comes to taking initiatives that turn out rewarding.

While this 2017 career horoscope for Capricorn should be quite an aid to plan ahead but it is generic in nature. We strongly suggest you to request a personalized career report for 2017 from Pt. Punarvasu. These predictions give a general idea, part of the whole picture.
Coming back to the point, luck seems to be in support throughout. Self-reliance should still be practiced during April, second half of August and December as luck quotient could be low during these periods.
This year, you would be able to make better work relationships as indicates the 2017 career horoscope for Capricorn. Coworkers would be very encouraging of your efforts. You would get appreciation from them and your opinions will be respected too. Boss however could be inimical towards you between June and mid of September. If you exercise caution during this period, relationship with boss overall could be favorable. Eventually, they will worth recognize your worth as an essential part of the team.
2017 seems to be a little troublesome for those in business, as lots of ups and downs would be there. The period from June to October requires you to focus your eyes on the ball in business, but otherwise, the year will run smooth. For investment matters, 2017 doesn’t seem to be a favorable phase. July is a positive month to go ahead in investments, but caution is still necessary. Read the documents carefully and do not rely on anyone else for critical decisions concerning money. Overall, the year seems to be positive. While you would move at a turtle’s pace, you would reach the destination. Your motto for this year should be, “slow and steady wins the race”.

2017 Career Horoscope for Capricorn is a general outlook based on the analysis of transit planets. The actual results could differ for you. You could request a personalized 2017 career & financial reading. It is prepared on the basis of transit as well as natal planets (planetary position at the time of birth). It also takes into account the dasa changes and other key astrological factors in predicting future.