Will Libra natives have a balanced career in 2017?

Will Libra
Libra natives are known to be balanced individuals. And 2017 certainly requires a balanced approach from you in career. The launch of the year may not be much promising as there could be disputes with seniors and your mind may divert to too many directions at once, so lack of focus is another major issue. Initially, you may be a little dissatisfied and hopeless in terms of career progress. However, you need to realize that the world is round, and what may seem like the end could be the beginning of a whole new spectrum. Your career horoscope for 2017 indicates that you should keep patience as the year ahead brings ample opportunities.

Prepared by Pt. Punarvasu, 2017 Libra Career Horoscope is based on true Vedic Astrology principles, which follow Moon Sign system of calculations. Are you a Libra Moon Sign? Click to know your Moon sign (sign where Moon was posited at the time of your birth) instantly. For Career Horoscope for other Moon Signs, click here

As March approaches, you would observe a considerable improvement in your career prospects. This is the month when you can expect promotion too so make your choices wisely. Remember that you can control your choice but not the consequence of it so make sure that you are all ears when it is time to take a call. Overall, 2017 is average concerning growth prospects for Libra natives. And as your horoscope shows, there could be some major change in career after August end, which is likely to turn in your favor eventually.

Your attitude and determination towards career would swing a lot. Sometimes, you would pull out all the stops to realize goals & make an impression and at others, you just won’t bother. After first week of September, you may have to burn the candle at both ends due to extra workload. But this hectic schedule could take a toll on your health thus be careful, and again, maintain a balance between work and play. As 2017 progresses, Libra natives would become more determined to work hard to attain career goals, but you would struggle to get desires results. The period from end of January to May and then after October is much more promising in terms of reaping the fruits of your labor. For rest of the time, keep working hard with no strings attached.

Colleagues may not offer you support in times of need during 2017. And as it can be seen in the 2017 career horoscope for Libra, this is primarily on account of your lack of dependability. You would really have to prove yourself and do something to earn their trust. Otherwise, self-reliance would be the only resort. Boss could be inimical towards you initially, but as the year moves forward, you would again gain their favor and trust. The period from August to September requires caution in terms of communicating with seniors.

Fortune would mostly favor your career dreams this year. Your luck quotient would be higher after 8th January. A few periods when you should not rely on lady luck but your own efforts include April, second half of August and December. If you are thinking to let yourself in for more responsibilities and work, you should better wait until September end.

2017 is equally perplexing for Libra businesspersons. Planets command your active presence at work. Nothing would drop into your lap, you would have to work hard and spare no effort in order to make a profit. Nevertheless, sincere efforts would fetch positive results. Those who tend to indulge in investment and speculation matters should go ahead but the most rewarding time seems to be between February and May & also end of October to December. You need to very cautious in these matters though.

Overall, 2017 seems to be a bumpy yet positive year for career and work life of Libra. The mantra is to work hard so you can meet expectations of people around you.

2017 Career Horoscope is a general outlook based on the analysis of transit planets. The actual results could differ for you. You could request a personalized 2017 career & financial reading by Pt. Punarvasu. It is prepared on the basis of transit as well as natal planets (planetary position at the time of birth). It also takes into account the dasa changes and other key astrological factors in predicting future.