Cancer, will your career progress speed up in 2017?

Cancer, will
Cancer, you’re in for a bumpy career ride this year, particularly if you would wish to march ahead without putting in sincere efforts. 2017 demands a lot of hard work from your end, as indicates Cancer career horoscope for 2017. The dawn of the year is mainly critical and this is definitely not the time to lose your cool at work. There is a significant chance for you to indulge in a conspiracy during January. It would be in your best interest to start the year maintaining cordial relationship with everyone. So avoid indulging in unjust & illicit activities and be watchful of what colleagues are up to during January 2017. Moreover, you should avoid confrontations at all costs. While the onset is not as promising, the year ahead is. You just need to be careful at certain points.

Prepared by Pt. Punarvasu, 2017 Cancer Career Horoscope is based on true Vedic Astrology principles, which follow Moon Sign system of calculations. Are you a Cancer Moon Sign? Click to know your Moon sign (sign where Moon was posited at the time of your birth) instantly. For Career Horoscope for other Moon Signs, click here.

Attitude will define how Cancer natives do in career in 2017. You are likely to be quite moody at work. You would quickly jump between contradictory tendencies, hard work and lethargy, determination and indifference. You may also put off tasks that needed to be done yesterday. This could also affect your image at work. This fluctuating attitude could also cause a lot of ebb and flow in career, especially in the first two quarters. There would be much improvement in your approach and confidence level after September.

As per the 2017 career horoscope for Cancer, you could expect some improvement once March approaches. March in fact is a good time to take up any new duties and tasks as you are likely to get success in your endeavors. As September approaches, your chances to move up the ranks in career would be much higher. Thereafter, you could expect a promotion too and your efforts would fetch positive results and get recognized.
There would be ample support from colleagues throughout 2017 for Cancer natives, except January of course. You would also be in the good books of seniors for the most part. According to period from June to October is a little critical as you may have to be extra careful when dealing with those who call the shots. Boss may be very demanding this year. You would struggle to focus in career when you have them breathing down your neck. You would need to work hard to meet the expected outcome.  Lady luck seems to be in support throughout the year but the period from July to mid September is low on luck quotient.

2017 is equally perplexing for businesspersons. Cancer natives who are running a business would also observe 2017 to be a fluctuating period with lots of ups and downs. If you have been considering investments and speculation for 2017, you could go ahead but not during January to February and June to September. At other occasions too, you need to be very careful and super-sure of the outcome of your decisions.
Overall, 2017 is an average year in terms of career and growth for Cancer natives. While there would be progress and expansion as obvious in the transit horoscope, there exist equal chances of downfall. Hard work and caution would help you realize your goals more easily. As the year progresses, there would be gradual improvement in your situation.

2017 Career Horoscope is a general outlook based on the analysis of transit planets. The actual results could differ for you. You could request a personalized 2017 career & financial reading by Pt. Punarvasu. It is prepared on the basis of transit as well as natal planets (planetary position at the time of birth). It also takes into account the dasa changes and other key astrological factors in predicting future.