Will Leos move up in career in 2017?

Will Leos
Leo tend to be the most vibrant, cheerful, determined, confident and ambitious lot but they are also most susceptible to gossiping, arrogance, jealousy and anger. While you may be thinking to move up the career ladder, 2017 would prove to be full of trials and tribulations, of your patience to keep mum, bear accusations, and work hard without expecting much in return. But, that doesn’t mean 2017 wouldn’t be a rewarding year. As apparent in the Leo career horoscope for 2017, the beginning of the year would be marked with good news that may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. However, January may also lead to conflicts with associates or boss, thus it is the time to keep your anger under control and be a little tactful. You need to see the bigger picture and not react to and take every minor glitch you encounter to the top boss.

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The coming of the 2017 seems to bring hurdles in career for Leo natives. You need to be particularly careful from March 4 to April 15 and throughout December too. 2017 requires a lot of hard work and perseverance from your end. Leo have a tendency to be social at work. However, you career horoscope indicates that those extra five minutes of office politics by the coffee machine could be detrimental to your success. Don’t be a gossipmonger and avoid the after-work talks as much as possible, especially the negative ones. There could be some false allegation against you so it would be better to focus on your work than who is doing what. You may also be a little egoistic at times, which could interfere with your workplace relations. Keep your ego out of the equation especially when dealing with seniors. Also, avoid being dominating towards colleagues.

Your relationship with colleagues would keep fluctuating. While at sometimes, you would get ample support and encouragement but at others, they would be indifferent to your needs. The best career & work life strategy for Leo to follow in 2017 would be to rely on you and be confident. You don’t need to approach them for endorsement of your ideas every time. Your bonding with the boss would be fine for the most part but some months such as April, August and December could be a little tough. These are the periods when you need to hold your blunt speech and act wisely.

It would be better to avoid taking up any new responsibilities and challenges at work this year. 2017 itself would be enough of a challenge for you. But despite the odds, you are also likely to have a determined approach towards career growth, which would surely help succeed. Leo’s mantra of success should be to “work hard and make it happen”. Lady luck seems to be a little inimical towards you, but March is definitely going to be a fortunate month.

Those in business may also struggle in career, much like salaried individuals. There would be a lot of ups and downs in 2017. When it comes to situations when you have to take a call, use your own judgment wisely and if possible, avoid making any major decisions involving risk of money or business. It isn’t a favorable year for investments either. Overall, this is the year when Leo natives need to put in sincere efforts in order to prove their metal and progress in career. And you will get ample scope and opportunities to do that too.

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