Mercury Retrograde Fall in Libra in 2021

Retrogression means backward movement. Though considered a difficult progress path, Mercury retrogression into Libra brings balance and also drama together. This retrograde movement can have both positive or negative influence depending upon your moon sign and the influence your ruling planet exerts over the retrogression. Find it out here…

Mercury Retrograde Fall in Libra in 2021

Role Of Intelligent Mercury with the Balance of Venus

This year Mercury will retrograde from September 27 to October 18, 2021, through the diplomatic and balance-oriented sign of Libra and then through the intelligent and practical sign of Virgo. Mercury rules the intellect and communication in general and as it retrogrades in Libra sign, which depicts balance, socializing, and partnerships, we should be ready for drama and miscommunications within our closest relationships. Your any unresolved issues on both personal and professional arena will come up for interrogation and there is a strong possibility of misinterpretation of words and challenging conflicts from all possible corners. A very strong but progressive solution that comes afront is to take vigilance of balancing our emotions with the perspective of the other people involved. It will help you come to a resolution if retrograde Mercury creates chaos in your relationships.

Mercury is our soul guide and for these three weeks of retrogression which will start in September in Libra - a sign that represents our hidden wishes and passion. Mercury retrograde will let us turn us introvert and observe or accept our hidden desires of feelings which we have hidden or blocked:

Influence of this Mercury Retrogression on all Moon signs:


Mercury is retrograding in the seventh house of marriage and partnership, so conflicts and disturbance in the marital life is possible. It is advised to postpone any wedding date after the Mercury retrograde. In your profession, partnership of trading ventures should be clear in their virtues, which will help to avoid clashes and confrontation at the workplace.


Mercury retrogrades in the sixth house of debt, enemies, and daily wages. During this transit, avoid any kind of loans for any professional venture or speculation as it will yield loss. Parents or elders in the family are advised to follow nutritional health and follow a proper diet and workout schedule regularly for strong immunity system.

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Mercury will retrograde in the fifth house of love, romance, and children. During the transit, your children may move away from the focus of their academic session, so your vigilance will carry them with ease through their studies. Old friends may connect during this time but be careful, as gossip may lead to miscommunication.


Mercury will retrograde in the fourth house of domestic peace, mother, and property. This transit will bring respite in unresolved issues with mother and property related matters, but initial contradiction is visible. Take care of your mother’s health and you may get any opportunity for monetary gains.


Mercury will retrograde in the third house. During this transit you will have cordial relations with your siblings, and it will enable you to spend time with them and your cousins. Financially make any investments very carefully by observing all possible angles to avoid any kind of loss. Leo natives may get a hike in salary and your relations with your senior officials may improve during this time.


Mercury will retrograde in the second house of communication, wealth, and family. During this transit, you can face some issues with your family members who will tarnish the pleasant home environment, but you will sort out all conflicts with proper communication. Your professional ventures will give gains if you scrutinize all ends with detailed pros and cons and proper labeling of events. 

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Mercury will transit in Libra sign in the sign itself which will make you religious during this transit and you may plan a religious trip during this time. Take a good control over your expense by keeping your budget intact and maintain a diligent workout schedule for good physical health and meditation for mental health.


Mercury will retrograde in the twelfth house of expenses, losses, and salvation. Financially, there may be a high risk of investing any money during this time. It is better to seek advice from an expert before investing. Relationships will be governed by emotions and not logic, so be alert and avoid thinking from the heart. Avoid being over communicative in professional matters with your seniors. Take care of your health as preventive measures.


Mercury is retrograding in the eleventh house of success, profit, and gains. You will get new opportunities in jobs and if you are in a business partnership then this transit will earn you profit and gains. Personal relationships will give you support of partner and socializing with friends will make you extra happy. All endeavors will meet with success.

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Mercury will retrograde in the tenth house of career, name, and fame. So, work hard to accomplish gains in your career and career ventures. You will be work efficient in your workplace and gain full support of your subordinates. You will have good relations with your father and involve yourself in religious activities will give you good mental strength and vibrancy during this phase.


Mercury will retrograde in the ninth house of luck, fortune, spiritual growth, and long travel. Progress at the workplace at the job front and business front will be progressive but due to your vigilance and efforts. Keep up your exercise and meditation session with continuous schedule for better health.


Mercury will retrograde in the eighth house of transformation and research. The transit of Mercury indicates multiple sources of mental anxieties related to some health problem to your mother, conflicts in marital relations due to ego issues, clogging of professional partnership. Health issues will need medical attention. You will harmonize all the sources of problems with your patience and tact and actions. 

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