Good Dates for Financial Investments in Oct 2022

What would your active & passive sources of income be in October? Which investment tools would bring you the highest returns? Read this article for answers & for good dates in October if you are planning financial investments.

Good Dates for Financial Investments
Finance, wealth and money constitute one of our foremost survival instincts as we look forward to upgrading our lives by increasing our income and saving for the future. Finance Astrology is one of the tools to assess one’s insufficiency and surplus income. It gives us the insight to protect ourselves during the down phase of our life and provides us with directions to plan our investments and savings.

At the same time, Finance Astrology helps us to prepare so that we can receive abundance and prosperity. Planetary movements affect our financial growth and show us the statistical graph of our personal finances, may we be in business or employed in a profession.

Festivals & Planetary Movements in October

  • We will celebrate the most popular prosperity attracting festivals of Dusshera and Diwali in October, which will open more avenues for your financial investments.
  • Saturn, the planet of deed and Karmic lord, will be in retrograde motion till 22 Oct in Capricorn and then will continue being direct.
  • Jupiter, the planet of expansion and wisdom, will continue to be in Pisces.
  • Venus, Mars, Mercury, Sun, and Moon will also influence your financial investments as per their planetary combinations.

Good Dates to Purchase Gold & Property

Gold is a valuable investment instrument. Good dates to purchase gold in October are:
  • 5 Oct (Dussehra)
  • 23 Oct (Dhanteras)
  • 26 Oct (Balipratipada)
  • 18 Oct (Pushya Nakshatra)

Good Dates to buy Property/Real Estate

  • 7 Oct
  • 14 Oct
  • 20 Oct
  • 21 Oct

How would October be for You? What are Your good dates?



You will have constrained financial flow till 15 Oct; avoid taking loans or lending money to others. Although expenses will be high till the mid of month, you can start financial investments after 18 Oct by purchasing gold and other assets. Look for non-risky and long-term investments as it will give you profits. Long pending debts will be cleared by the end of October and past investments Read More


You are calculative and make financial investments by analysing the situation. From the start of the month till 16 Oct, you will earn profits from your previous investments, and you will be inclined to open new fixed deposits and other modes of savings. You will have an abundance of liquidity flow and there are bright chances of recovering money from dead stocks. After 16 Oct, you will Read More


At the beginning of the month, the lord of 2nd house will go to 6th house, which will cause you obstacles in money rotation and you will feel stuck with your finances. If you have borrowed money in the past, then you might face a bit of a challenge in returning it. But gradually things will clear up by 18 Oct and you will start getting good returns from your long-term investments. You can invest in Read More


October will be beneficial for your financial investments and you would be able to save up for your future prospects. Sun's transition in the sign of Libra on 17 Oct will bring your focus towards renovating your house and you will plan to spend money accordingly. It is the perfect time for a big investment in your business and grab the opportunity to increase your money flow. This is Read More


The initial stage of the month will be fruitful, and you will make profitable investments in multiple sources. Mercury posited in its own house with Venus will give good returns from your investments. You may crack good business deals and enhance your financial investment. You may get opportunities to open up a new venture with overseas companies. Any kind of short-term security investments Read More


The transit of Sun and Mercury in Libra will open many possibilities to enhance your financial position and investments. But at the same time, Ketu’s conjunction with these planets will give you a cautionary hint to analyse the financial market and then take appropriate decisions. From 2 Oct to 17 Oct, you will get many business opportunities which will Read More


In the beginning of October, you may face loses in your investments and might not get a reliable business turnover. Till 16 Oct, you might face a tough time while dealing with your finances and might take a loan for recurring business. You will take a sigh of relief after Mars transits Gemini on 16 Oct and this transit will boost your courage to work hard towards your goal and seek more Read More


October will be a good time to expand your business and financial investments as Jupiter, being the lord of 2nd and 5th houses, will give you a huge opportunity to become prosperous. Things will start improving and you will crack your business meetings and earn profits. You can go for both long and short term investments. Invest in the market of pulses and gold which can prove Read More


Saturn in Capricorn in October will give you profits in land, property, agricultural and farming business. You can invest in plantation and nursery business and earn good returns. Invest in mustard oil refineries and in iron and steel business to get profits and gains. Go for long term investments for good returns. Till 17 Oct, Sun’s transit in Libra and Mercury’s conjunction will turn out to be Read More


Saturn placed in its own sign of Capricorn will bring stability to your finances. You will earn profits from your family business and other multiple avenues. Long term investment will be beneficial for you. Real estate and property business will enhance your finances, you might buy a property and make huge profit. Speculative investment will not be fruitful for you till 17 Oct. After that Read More


Jupiter posited in its own sign of Pisces in 2nd house will make you prosperous and wealthy in October. You will be destined to improve cash flow and to open up more avenues in your business. You can invest in upcoming religious and spiritual schools and earn good profits. You will also see losses and expenditure as Saturn is posited in Capricorn in the 12th house, which will make you Read More


Jupiter in own sign will give you the power and avenues to expand your business. You will meet various people and convert business meetings into profits. You will earn profits in speculative investments. Investments in shares and stock market will make good money for you. You can invest in long term equity shares. You may spend on travel and luxury. You will not be able to Read More