Venus Transit in Scorpio on 2nd October 2021

Transit of Venus, the planet of love and luxury into the sign of water element Scorpio will bring about adaptable changes in everyone’s lives. This transit movement can have both positive or negative influence depending upon your moon sign and the influence your ruling planet exerts over the transit. Find it out here…

Venus Transit in Scorpio on 2nd October 2021

Scorpio is a fixed sign, and they have their reservoir full of will power and they can work hard and wait till their cherished desires are fulfilled. The fixed sign of Taurus natives is tempted by pleasure, but Scorpio doesn’t mind little pain before the desired pleasure. Venus posited in Scorpio sign is not attracted to flirting or casual hookups but believe in only one commitment with lifelong relationship. This makes Venus in Scorpio probably the most faithful sign.” Venus transit in Scorpio is the right time to realize the value of relationship and money and it is also a good time to solve emotional and physical challenges concerning money and relationship.

Venus transit in Scorpio takes place from October 2, 2021. The effect of this transit will be visible on every moon sign and manifest it in different ways.

Effect of this transit on all the moon signs:


For Aries sign, Venus governs the second house of accumulated wealth, savings, and family and the seventh house of marriage, association, and partnerships. Venus will be transiting in your eighth house during this transit.

Opportunities - Sudden professional opportunities may bring out financial gains from unknown sources and you may also get gains in cash or kind from parental inheritance. Your pending ancestral property issue may be solved. Personal and family life and relationships will be satisfactory.

Caution - Vigilance over the health of your spouse and mother will be matter of concern and caution. You are advised to be crystal clear in your communication with the partners as well as your prospective clients, so that any hidden clause may not bring impact on your dealings and professional relations. Be honest and fair in your profession for long lasting gains


Venus is the lord of your rising sign which represents the self of a native and sixth house of competition, diseases, and debt for Taurus natives. It will be transiting in your seventh house of marriage, partnerships, and associations.

Opportunities - Marital bliss is indicated for the married natives and the outings with your partner and spouse will enhance the love and warmth in your relationship. Professional success of your partner is also indicated. You will be overwhelmed with loads of happiness, love, care, and concern during this transit period.

Caution- Caution is advised to keep a check on your basic nature and keep your feet grounded to the earth for sustained happiness.

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Venus owns the lordship of their fifth house of children, romance, and love. It also holds the responsibility of your twelfth house of expenditure, overseas travel, and pleasure for Gemini natives. Venus will be transiting from your sixth house of enemies, health issues, and competition.

Opportunities - You will get good opportunities in your profession with salary hikes and promotions, and you may endorse travel in relation to your marketing campaign. The ambience at your workplace will be cordial, your colleagues will follow your instructions judiciously.

Caution - Love relationships will demand attention over any kind of conflicting conversation where avoiding any kind of debate will be beneficial. The married natives may also face some misunderstandings in their married relationship.


Venus presides over their fourth house of domestic comforts, property and eleventh house of income and gains for Cancer natives. Venus will transit in your fifth house of progeny, relationships, and further studies during this transit period.

Opportunities - This transit will be auspicious in terms of financial matters. The professional natives will be appreciated for their good work, and you will witness a booming phase in your profession and will get recognition for your good work. You will be happy and prosperous in your personal life and will share a good bond with your family and children.

Caution - The natives who are planning to convert their hobbies into the profession should utilise this time as you will get success in your endeavours. Take care of your finances and personal relations as overspending is expected.


Venus rules the third house of efforts and short travels, also the tenth house of authority and status for Leo natives. It will transit in the fourth house of home & family.

Opportunities - There will be peace and prosperity in your personal and professional relations where you will have the inclination to include all your colleagues and family members in all your decisions which will be beneficial for your growth.

Caution - Overall vigilance will be required as a lot of good events can result in overlooking of certain facts which will not be beneficial for your personal and professional prosperity.

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Venus is the lord of the second house of speech, material possessions and the ninth house of religion and fortune for Virgo natives. During this period, Venus will be transiting from the third house of the peer group and expressions.

Opportunities - There will be sophistication in your speech gestures which will add grace to your overall personality. Your bond with younger siblings will be strong and they will help you in accomplishing your goals. You will have a religious bent in your attitude, which will enhance your efforts to serve the needy during this time.

Caution - Students must concentrate on their academics with determination for good scores in their competitive exams. Bachelors, who are looking for their perfect match will face some challenges and delay as you will have to struggle hard to find the match of your choice.


Libra is ruled by sign Venus, and it also holds the lordship of eighth houses of occult, mysteries, inheritance. It will be placed in the second house during this transit period.

Opportunities - Gains will be in abundance as you will earn from many sources and you may also gain from the ancestral property or get the legacy of your maternal uncle. Those who are into the fashion industry or event organization will have a prosperous period. Those who are staying away from their families or native land have a bright chance to return to their loved ones or home.

Caution - Take care of the health of the elders. Especially your mother or women in the family, may face some health concerns related to hormones or menopause. You are advised not to invest in a speculative business, as you may face sudden losses.


Venus rules the twelfth house of expenditure, losses and the seventh house of partnership and associations for the Scorpio natives. It will be in the rising sign, which represents the self of a native.

Opportunities - This transit will bring the inner beauty of your soul to the surface, and you will enjoy spending time in this beautiful scenario as this transit will make you popular among the opposite gender. Love will be in the air for natives who are single and proposing the person of your choice would be beneficial during this time. The warmth in love relationship will be visible even in the marital relations of married couples. Professional ventures will yield good gains along with enhancing any professional partnership, where mutual understanding and cordial relations will bring steady income and profit.

Caution - This transit will be beneficial for you as both professional and personal prosperity will be on your doorstep with garland of happiness, but caution is advised over every matter as happiness may lead to overlooking of minor details, which can cause unseen expenses or loss of financial or health quotient of an individual.

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Venus holds the sixth house of wellness, services, and health, also it rules the eleventh house of gains and success for Sagittarius natives. During this time, the planet Venus will be in the twelfth house of travel and expenditure.

Opportunities - The planetary setting will give you gains at normal level, and you may get an opportunity to travel overseas, which will enhance your work profile. There will be success in making new contacts and clients during this transit and your marketing strategy to promote your profession, will be successful. 

Caution - Monetary gains at this time will not be easy for you and you will have to work hard and tactfully for achieving success. The married natives should avoid contradictions in personal life and try to handle every situation very calmly. Caution is advised to work with honesty in both personal and professional arena.


For Capricorns, Venus is a benefic planet and presides over fifth house entertainment, romance, and recreation. And the tenth house of career and profession will be in the eleventh house of income, friends, and society.

Opportunities - This transit will be favourable for you as you will make monetary gains with your efforts at your job or business, and you will be able to grab a salary hike as your efforts will be honoured by your seniors. People will look up to you for advice and prefer being in your company. Romantic relationships will have an auspicious time, love in your bond will grow beautifully and you will spend quality time with your partner.

Caution - You are advised to keep your head on your shoulders and feet on the ground to make your efforts successful which will give you satisfaction in all aspects of life.

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The planet Venus owns the lordship of the fourth house that upholds comforts, luxury, and family and owns the lordship of the ninth house of luck, fortune, and culture for Aquarius natives. It will be transit in the tenth house of profession and karma.

Opportunities - During this time, you will be strong in your efforts and will find success in your job, or your business accomplishments. Your luck will favour you in your efforts and your work will be appreciated by your seniors. Your personal life will be satisfactory with the touch of harmony in them to a normal level.

Caution - You will have to put consistent efforts for stable gains with consistency and manage your workload and personal priorities with equal strength and importance on the same balancing panel.


Venus owns the lordship of their third house of siblings and efforts. It also holds their eighth houses of mysteries and uncertainties will be in the ninth house of luck and religion during this transit period for Pisces natives.

Opportunities - You will be happy over small moments of happiness and your general attitude towards life will be optimistic, cherishing life with care. Your professional attitude will be lined up with intelligence which will help you in achieving success.

Caution - Your success will require you to put more efforts into winning support of your professional seniors. Caution is advised to be careful, when in a love relationship as a small communication fault can spoil your relationship and your social status may be diminished.