Gemini 2019 Love & Relationship Horoscope

Gemini 2019

Gemini 2019 Love & Relationship Horoscope: Time to clear things & put past into grave.

Swinging between bipolar, understanding Gemini is sometimes difficult. On side is flirtatious & free-flowing while the other is committed & conformist. In 2019, Saturn would play an important role in directing your love life.  Saturn is placed in 7th house in your birth chart that could create situations in which you have to confront ghosts of your past relationship.

This horoscope forecast is based on Vedic Moon Sign. Are you Gemini Moon Sign? If not sure, find it out instantly.

It appears with such positioning Saturn would be helpful in clearing the air between you & your ex. As Saturn has direct aspect on your moon sign from the 5th house of relationship & partnership, it might create situations which would be helpful in clearing the long due misconceptions and provide a fresh perspective to observe the circumstances.

Saturn will sojourn in this position till December 2019, so probably you would be busy in clearing the junk you have stored in your garage since so many years. This process would help you feel enlightened and free.

The Gemini 2019 Love & relationship horoscope shows the possibility of getting involved in some spiritual practice to cleanse the toxics of your past relations. There are prospect of beginning of some new relationships around 2nd week of November 2019. After all the detoxification, you would feel the need to have a companion & you might find one too.

Gemini 2019 Love and Relationship Predictions: Detachment woes!

Gemini natives need to be vigilant during 2019. Love & relationships situations might get gravely out of hands due to difference in thought-process of couples. The close conjunction of Venus & Jupiter in Scorpio sign could lead to difference in opinion between you & your partner.
There are chances that Gemini natives would be more inclined towards their career in 2019 as compared to their personal life due to this it is likely that couples have to stay away from each other. Work related frustration might cause further tension in personal relations.
The mental disjunction between couples during this phase might turn into frustration due to lack of communication & work load. The habit of prioritizing work over love would become cause of fights between you & your spouse as seen in the 2019 Gemini Love & Relationship horoscope. There is a possibility your partner might start feeling lonely & might get detached from you.

Gemini 2019 Love & Relationship Horoscope: Stop pricking your partner.

Last year was harmonious & blissful in terms of love & relationships due to the presence of Jupiter in your 5th house of love & romance. There is a possibility that things might change in this year. Your habit of picking faults & constant nagging would become a headache for you partner.
It appears pin-pointing can turn dirty & agonizing and convert into unnecessary fights & arguments from May 2019 till 8th August 2019. As per the 2019 Gemini love & relationship horoscope, you should focus on activities & discussions which work to bring you both together.

Mental compatibility is very necessary in modern day relationships. The Saturn transit in your 7th house gives you an opportunity to make amends and revive your lost love. It is great time to confess you mistakes and get back your love.

The Saturn & Venus conjunction would be favorable for admitting the past faults as they show the possibility of getting back the love you lost because of your stupidity & rigidness.

Gemini 2019 Love and Relationship Predictions:

You have a wavering mind but still you keep things in different segments. You don’t like to mix love with friendship because Gemini natives can tolerate anything but complexity. Gemini 2019 Love & Relationship horoscope shows there is a possibility of getting a proposal from a friend in January 2019.

 There are chances that such proposal would put you in a very stressful & compromising situation as this is totally unexpected and unacceptable by you. Mars is not favoring such relationship & shows the possibility of friendship going to ruins in such circumstances.

There is a possibility to get over the traumatic situation of January; you might get into a new relationship in February 2019. Such decisions are marks of classic indecisive Gemini but it is advisable to stop yourself from getting into such foolish situations.

It is likely you would become over-demanding in this period which would be upsetting for your partner. With passage of time, there is a possibility that you would realize that your ego and temperament have done great damage to your love & relationships. The period between March & August is critical for you, so it is advisable to avoid any confrontation or fights with partner.