Scorpio 2020 Love and Romance Horoscope

Scorpio 2020

The year 2020 is going to favor the romantic expeditions of Scorpio moon sign natives. This will be the year to set new milestones in the journey of your love life.

Those who are in a committed relationship will get the opportunities to take their relationship to the new level, with the influence of Jupiter in their horoscope. Scorpio moon sign singles will get to start a new relationship, which will be long-lasting, if mutual respect and care are enforced.

Scorpio 2020 Love and Romance Horoscope reveals that though there will be fun, excitement and affection in your love relationships, it will demand high levels of commitment, loyalty and trust to stay put when the troubles come calling.

Significant planets that are going to influence Love and Romance for Scorpio moon sign in the year 2020

  • Jupiter’s transit: It will be transiting in your 2nd house of domestic harmony till 20th November 2020
  • Saturn’s transit: It will be transiting in your 2nd house for a brief period till 24th January 2020, post that it will be moving to your 3rd house
  • Rahu’s transit: It will be in your 8th house until 23rd September 2020
  • Ketu’s transit: It will be transiting in your 2nd house till 23rd September 2020

Year 2020 for the love life of Scorpio moon sign

You will begin with a mixed bag of emotions in your love life as Mars will be placed in its own sign and Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu will co-exist in your 2nd house.

The presence of cluster of planets in your house of family and finances will give affection and depth in live and family relationships, however, expenditures will give out some level of stress.

According to Scorpio 2020 Love and Romance Horoscope balance in personal and professional life will be deemed essential, to savor success on both fronts.

You will have a strong sense of self-worth, along with oodles of energy. This has to align well with your partner’s idea of love and romance to bring about the desired harmony in your relationship, especially, during the initial few months of the year.

Impact of Saturn’s movement on love life of Scorpio moon sign

After 24th January 2020 when Saturn moves to your 3rd house, Scorpio moon sign natives may experience a sense of discontentment from their family and love life.

You will be more career-oriented in this period, and this have a negative effect on your love life. You spouse or lover will demand greater attention, but you will not be able to cater to their needs, effectively.

This will create an unpleasant atmosphere and an aura of annoyance will prevail. But, the presence of Saturn will ask you to face these situations in your love life and stood up to them will all your grit and perseverance.

Scorpio 2020 Love and Romance Horoscope suggests that if you can diligently and persistently work towards making things work in your love and conjugal relationships, you can have a settled and happy life in future.

Jupiter and its influence on the love life of Scorpio moon sign

Jupiter is going to play a significant role in the love life of Scorpio moon sign natives, as it is the love lord of the moon sign and will be moving across the 2nd and 3rd house of the zodiac to influence their love and romance prospects in the year 2020.

After March 2020 when Jupiter joins Saturn in the 3rd house of Scorpio moon sign natives, you will be required to take some initiatives to add some spice into your love life.

They say actions speaks louder than words, and here, you have to ensure that your actions are in accordance with the desires of your partner. And, also the words are spoken with sanity and wisdom so that they are able to communicate your honest feelings to your lover or spouse.

Scorpio 2020 Love and Romance Horoscope predicts Jupiter’s influence to exert more focus on current relationships rather than creating the new ones.

Your love relationships will need nurturing this year and you will not have the kind of patience to put that level of effort in a new relationship, as result it will washout, sooner or later. It will be a good idea to avoid making any love connects and pay more attention on bringing vibrant hues into your existing love bonds.

During the middle of the year when both Saturn and Jupiter will retrograde, Scorpio moon sign natives will experience negativities setting in their love life. You have to be emotionally strong and keep a low profile until the period when Jupiter goes back to Sagittarius and neutralize its negative effects on your love and marital life.

A blend of pleasure and emotions in the year 2020

Presence of Rahu in the 8th house in Gemini sign is going to enhance the sexual desires of Scorpio moon sign natives, during the year until 23rd September 2020.

During August-October 2020, your sexual activity will tend to overpower your emotional sensibilities and you need to ensure that you channelize these actions towards the betterment of your relationships.

Post 23rd September 2020, when Rahu is going to move into your 7th house of partnerships and Ketu will transit into your 1st house, there will be an aura of detachment and confusions in the love and romantic relationships of Scorpio moon sign natives.

Therefore, the last lag of the year is going to be the caution period for Scorpio moon sign natives, where a close check on sense and sensibilities, along with actions and emotions will be essential, according to Scorpio 2020 Love and Romance Horoscope analysis.

Overall, you will be in a better state of mind emotionally and behaviorally, as well, during the year 2020. Building and sustaining love relationships will not be easy, during the year, but, your strength, vitality and grit will decide how well you chart your love destiny in the New Year.