Aries Love Horoscope

Aries are full of raw, fiery energy & their life choices represent the same. They are protective, loyal & possessive in love with an undeniable level of passion.

Aries Love Horoscope


Extremely independent, Aries don’t go by anyone’s rule or opinion. They are very particular about their own space and strive to maintain it at all costs. This zodiac sign is proud of its accomplishments and shows it to the world in subtlety that is stark. Its an oxymoron just as their personality. An Aries will, for example, display their recent professional achievement through the Rolex they have on their hand without uttering a word. They won’t waste their time speaking simply because their eyes are on the next big thing. This is a mix of impulse, sass and poise which you will not see with anyone else.

Head held high up in the sky, they don’t feel the need to prove themselves to anyone, nor waste their time on anyone’s opinion or have any on else’s life. They’re too busy for it, and if we may add - tastes like too much effort in the wrong direction.

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Traits of an Aries

But when this ultra-independent person falls in love, the opposite happens. In love, the idea of space goes out of the window. This is the sign which wants you and needs you to be around all the time. They have a strong need to have their partner as close as possible.

  • They wish to merge with their partner even in the meagre of activities. Imagine grocery shopping with your Aries beau in public and their arms around your waist while everyone’s looking. It’s funny, romantic, slightly awkward as well, but to them it makes sense. It’s not public display of affection, it’s just affection anywhere. Their take on this would sound something like - “if people have a problem, they can look the other way”.
  • They have a warm energy which is innocent and playful. They are also very protective and possessive about their partners, and they don’t feel there’s anything wrong with that. It makes sense to them to be over-protective of their partner. They will protect you and play with you and want to be your lover, best friend, toy, all at once.
  • They’re not the ones to only talk lovey-doveys with you. They’ll speak everything that comes to their mind. Do not expect an Aries to be secretive with you even if they are so with the rest of the world. An Aries doesn’t hide anything from their partner. To an Aries, they and their partner are the same entity. This might rub some people off the wrong way, but really, an Aries doesn’t think it’s their problem, you should have known this level of transparency they have, if you know them enough.
  • They’re straight-forward and direct and don’t go around in circles. If they want you, they’ll say it. If they don’t, they’ll say it. Passion, romance and love-making are things which you experience in the rawest form with these people, and they like to keep it that way.


Aries Love Horoscope

Weekly Predictions (19 May - 25 May)
This week, be cautious of any rising tension with your partner. You may be separated from your family, further amplifying the stress. Married folks must embrace a loving relationship to avoid any tense situation.

Aries Man in Love

Fiery, driven, motivated and impulsive are the words that describe an Aries in general, add to it a good spoonful or two of vulnerability and you have an Aries man in love. This is not the type of vulnerability that wants to write love letters though. This is the type of vulnerability which will express itself sensually, and get to the point instead of the whole romancing and wooing that happens before it. He’s good at expressing it that way and he knows he can woo you through it, so ink & paper isn’t his kind of thing. He’s suave in his demeanor, cheery and witty as well and will try to win you through wits. However, if he feels you aren’t impressed enough, he won’t waste his time trying again.

  • He's passionate, likes excitement and is experimental in bed. His idea of a perfect night of love-making or several such nights to keep it going ‘peppy’ would be travelling to different places and romancing you in each of them.
  • Different settings, slight experimenting and lots of passion - perfect! He might make it all look romantic, such as, he’ll take you for a long trekking tour up in the mountains, and experience burning passion under the stars with no one around; or a weekend in Paris overlooking the Eiffel tower from a hotel balcony and make love while the sky is lit in fireworks. Those are the variations to completely expect from an Aries man who’s in love.

As a woman, you’re expected to be ready for these outings, which also brings us to say - you know exactly what to expect on the honeymoon! Patience is the key with this man, because he tends to get too impulsive and can make and cancel plans randomly. This would need you to not let his impulse get under your skin.


Aries Woman in Love

Aries women are slightly different than their male counterpart. On the contrary, they’re shy with a lot of abundant fire ready to explode in passion, but only at the right time! Depending upon which constellation within the zodiac she belongs to, she can either be extremely into sexual pleasures or slightly Venusian and more of the shy kind who likes a much sensitive approach.

  • She might be coy opening up, until she does, and then you’ll know why storms are named after people. The shy kitten who was too touchy in the beginning will suddenly become ‘too playful’, especially in the department of sensuality.
  • She can be very soft-spoken and can be very direct and straight forward, but always genuine.
  • The crux is in the comfort that she feels with you. They are innocent beings and would love to smother you with affection and sometimes might be scared thinking she’s over-doing it and might take little breaks to give you some space.
  • She’s the warm, romantic type who likes cheesy romance so expect a lot of gestures and gifts regularly which are more sensitive in nature, instead of practical. These include - greeting cards, keychains, perfumes, flowers, hand-written letters with some decoration, or cufflinks, lockets that remind you of her, love-band, etc. Anything that she finds beautiful on a daily basis, she’ll pick it up and give it to you whether it makes sense to give it to a man or not.
  • She doesn’t get into a serious relationship easily, but if she wants to just have a ‘good time’, she will. No judgements can stop her. She has a very primal instinct towards sex, much like a man.
  • But we doubt if she’s got any time at all, because this thunder woman probably would be busy with her work and interests.
  • However, this changes completely when she gets into a serious relationship and her priorities alter.

As a man, you need to let her express herself, while reminding her that it’s okay to not get into the pattern of changing her priorities because she most likely will, out of impulse and sheer desire to be around you way too much, and miss out on a lot of herself. Also, a lot of affirming her that you’re the calm to her storm will be very valuable as an asset for both of you.


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Love Guide for Aries

In Vedic Astrology, we consider constellation compatibilities for a much finer perspective. Each zodiac consists of three constellations, and for Aries, the most compatible are those belonging to Aries itself, and one of the Scorpio constellations.

Aries and Aries

The two constellations Bharani and Ashwini are most compatible with each other. Given their nature, personality, common grounds of thinking and sheer impulsiveness, only these two can handle each other flawlessly, followed closely by Leos and finally by Sagittarius. These are all fire signs and even though Aries is completely different to the other two fire signs, they can get along on the fiery nature of each other. In terms of common goals, finance, and their need for expression they all take the same route. Well, mostly.

Aries and Scorpio

Scorpio and the last zodiac sign of Aries go well because it falls in the sign of Taurus as well, which gives it a mix of both energies. People from the last constellation blend well with the watery Scorpio. Scorpio is equal parts maturity and equal parts fun, whereas Krittika constellation is a mix of impulsiveness along with fragility, vulnerability and guardedness. Jyestha understands this and can see through it easily and can make it comfortable for Krittika. However, the best part of their relationship and the part they need to maintain are the same- love, security and happiness.

To Make Their Love Relationship Perfect, Aries Should

Work on impulsiveness: Aries can be intense and impulsive lovers, they can easily confuse love with attraction and honestly, cant help the way it unfolds. While passion is a part of love, it is not love entirely- Something that Aries, amongst many other signs do not realize.


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