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Aries Love and Marriage Horoscope

Aries Love

Aries is the first sign in the natural zodiac wheel, and it is a fire sign. This sign is ruled by Mars. Aries is a very active sign as the ruler is Mars.  An Aries rising, Sun or Moon will have an active life. Among these three the most active will be the Aries rising. An Aries is an impatient person and they will be pioneers. It is doubtful whether they will continue finishing their start-ups. They will be very impatient to start something. Whether it is in a personal or professional capacity.

They are very eager to act, just because Mars is the ruler. Mars is known as the soldier of the zodiac. A soldier wants to always defend and act. He may not think about the consequences. So, there will be a lot of transformations in the life of Aries.

Relationships are calculated from the Rising sign, so, this article is majorly focusing on Aries Rising. The sign which is seventh from the rising sign indicates your spouse. For an Aries the sign which is seventh from it is Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus.

Libra is an air sign, while Aries is an air sign. So, Aries has a natural attraction for Librans. Aries is initiations and actions, while Libra indicates diplomacy. Aries gets a softness in their life by the entry of a Librans. They like the diplomatic style of living.

Aries may not be thinking about other emotions, but Librans do have an eye for such things. They like to keep everything beautiful and that may bring some value addition to the life of an Aries.

There are a lot of things which makes an Aries get attracted to Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus is the planet for beauty and luxury. Aries, being a soldier, may not have the time to keep things in a beautiful environment, then the Libra will perfect that mission.

An Aries will easily get excited, but Venus will understand and will take time to react. Aries can be selfish, but Librans do care for others. Aries is all about “me, myself” while Libra is all about socialization.

Libra is an air sign and they like to fly up. They don’t like any restrictions against their will. On the contrary, Aries may not like to interact much in the social domain. They like to be their own.

Aries in Love

They like to get into love very fast. The house for sexual desires is also ruled by Mars, so the ruler for personality and sexual desires is the same, so they may try to get into a fast relationship. They have immense desires unless until the ruler Mars is not in a complex mode. If Venus also is in a great placement then they will keep a lot of faith in their love. They like to make the first move and they are stubborn in the relationships. For them, the emotions are very spontaneous. They are very aggressive in romance. They like to protect the person they love. They have a lot of expectation in love and they will ask for a hundred percent dedication from the partner. Honesty is another trait of an Aries. If Mars is not debilitated or retrograde, then you can trust the Aries fully. At the same time, they don’t like anyone questioning their authority. That can cause ego clashes and power struggles.

Most compatible signs with Aries

Aries Are Most Compatible with Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo

Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo are very much compatible with Aries. When they are with Gemini, the relationship with be helping them to grow intellectually. Geminis are always learning and teaching. Aries are ambitious also. So, there will be a lot of understanding with Gemini. Same with Sagittarius. Sagittarius indicates higher intelligence. So, Aries will be exploring the possibilities to grow at a higher level. With Leo, the fire energies will have a perfect match as Leo is the sign of Love and romance.

Signs with Less Aries compatibility

Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus are not that compatible with Aries.  Virgo indicates criticism and zeal for perfection, and both are not the domain of Aries. Aries is quick to start, but not perfection. Taurus also behaves somewhat like Virgo and both are earth sign. The fore nature does lose energy when they are with the earth signs. The sign of Capricorn belongs to the slowest planet, which is Saturn. So, with Capricorn, Aries lose pace. Aries wants to move ahead while Capricorn will find one or other reason to stop them. Capricorn also is an earth sign. So, the assumption is that the fire sign doesn’t like to be with earth signs.

An Aries is the sign of action and they like to be with people who love action. Mars, being the ruler makes more aggressive and it will be hard for any slow person to be a good partner for an Aries.