Venus transit in Capricorn 2021: Effects as per zodiac signs

When Venus transits into the sign of Capricorn, this will have an effect on all the moon signs especially on your relationships – both professional and personal and also your health, depending upon your favourable planets and guiding stars. Find out the effect of this transit affecting relationships on all the zodiacs.

Venus transit in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn 2021 (8th Dec - 30th Dec 2021)

Venus, considered the planet of love, beauty, romance, and sensuality, appears as the brightest celestial body in the dark sky. Venus depicts how love spreads its brightness that makes you glow in real life. Added to this are other important aspects of values and relationships that are also governed by Venus.

Luxuries and material possessions that add to the flair in one’s life are also the forte of Venus. Art and creativity are also indicated by Venus. Thus, Venus is associated to most valuable attributes of one’s personality that portrays how a person would relate to someone and handle the essence of love and luxuries.

Pleasures associated to married life are also governed by Venus. So, we can say that it subsumes all facets of love that are linked to all the stages of life. On one hand, it is the driving force behind the sensuality and sex appeal that is associated to a person, the desire for indulging in bed pleasure and related forms of love.

On other hand, it takes a form of the essence of spirituality associated to the love and romantic relationships. Venus may also be linked to the personal satisfaction that someone would draw from the relationship they are involved in, that may be added to the overall contentment in life.

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What does Capricorn mean for you?  

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac, and it is a dual sign symbolized by half goat and half fish. Therefore, you may have two different personalities. It is a Saturn’s sign and thus, Capricorn personality is very down to earth and at the same time are very hard working and determined towards their goals.

It is believed that once a target is set, then they devote all energies for achieving it. However, sometimes they act differently and have fears of reaching their destination. You could sometimes find them secluded from crowd and on other occasions they would be very enthusiastic and energetic.   

Your dedication towards your path to success would be unparalleled. You can channelize your energies towards your cause very diligently. Logical approach gives you an edge to reach the summit and you are also very practical towards such activities. You may however get a bit agitated when you feel that your moves are not getting any headway, though you would come out of it very rapidly.

Venus will be transiting in the sign of Capricorn from 8th December 2021. This is for short period and from 19th it will be in retrogression motion and on 30th December 2021 it will fall back to Sagittarius sign.

Let us see the effect of Venus in Capricorn

Venus when in Capricorn may portray different facets that would possibly be reflected in the trends in your life. You may be determined and focused toward achieving your targets and goals that you may have set for yourself.

However, on the contrary, there may be some anxiety and restlessness that you may not be able to overcome the hurdles that come your way. Coming over this dilemma would be seen as your response to this situation.     

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Effects of Venus in Capricorn on 12 Moon Sign


Aries: Many opportunities will come to your way

For you, this transit will occur in the tenth house of career. Venus owns the 2nd house of wealth and family and house of spouse, relationship, and partnership. You will see favorable results of your hard work.

During this transit many opportunities will come to your way and grow to new heights. You would be very dedicated towards the responsibilities that have been entrusted to you on the professional front. There would be a feeling of a spark in you to shine on this facet and your tendencies and capabilities for gains would bring financial stability.

Your approach towards romantic deeds will be more intense, though your wisdom may be reflected in the amount of seriousness that you allocate for this. You would be attracted towards person of the opposite sex who may be there at your workplace.     

Taurus: Attraction towards people of the opposite sex would be intense

For you, this transit will occur in the ninth house of fortune. Venus owns the 1st house of self and 6th house of service and sitting in the house of fortune/prosperity. This will bless you with all the support from your luck and from your close ones.

You will be inclined towards love and romance. Focus on your health and appearance will help you gain spirit. You will be fortunate in terms of friends as they would stand for you in times of need. Your attraction towards people of the opposite sex would be intense and this would lead to some gains and benefits flowing into your life.

Largely you would remain calm and composed in your activities, though your feelings may not be revealed from your appearance. There may be possibility to get chance or opportunity to plan a visit to overseas related to work or some personal trip.

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Gemini: Bring benefits from overseas ventures

For you, this transit will take place in the eighth house of suddenness, longevity, and chronic disease. Venus owns the 12th house of foreign or bed pleasure and 5th house of love and romance and is posited in house of sudden events and secrecy. You may get sudden money in this transit.

This transit may indulge you in a secret relationship and may give many secret and sensual moments. Sudden changes in your life trends may take place, however this would not be able to disturb you due to your capabilities to adapt to the changes in the environment despite occurring promptly.

This transit will bring benefits from overseas ventures. Your domestic life may be prone to troubles due to this transit. You need to be cautious in terms of health as there may be issues related to your private parts.

Your expenditures would be aimed at bringing happiness in the family and you will be blessed with good amount of wealth. This transit will give intense relationship and bonding with your partner.

Cancer: Fortunate in terms of relationships

For you, this transit will occur in the seventh house of marriage, relationship, and partnership. Venus in your chart owns 4th house of happiness and 11th house of gains. Venus nest in house of marriage, spouse or partnership. You will be fortunate in terms of relationships, in which close bonds would be developed leading to an eternal happiness for you.

You will share good understanding and trust with your partner. This transit will give favorable results in your business. You will spend good time with your spouse, though challenges may still be encountered by you.

This transit may create small miscommunication or misunderstandings but overall, the time will be good. Businessperson would share a good understanding with their partner for better benefits. There may instances when there will be difference of opinion with your partner which you need to handle with due care.

Leo: Win over your enemies through your wisdom

For you, this transit will occur in your sixth house of competition, service, and enemies. Venus owns the 3rd house of communication and travel and the 10th house of profession/career and posited in house of disease and service.  This position of Venus will help you win over your enemies through your wisdom and good sense.

Your mental strength, attitude and knowledge would bring you good name and fame among people. Your competitive spirit may sometimes grow to an extent to portray you as an overconfident person.

You need to be careful about your health. You will plan a trip with your siblings or friends. Work related journey could also be possible during this transit. There may be attraction towards opposite sex at workplace.     

Virgo: You may find your real soul mate

For Virgo natives, this transit will be in the fifth house of love, romance, and creativity. Venus owns the 2nd house of family, wealth and speech and the 9th house of fortune and posited in place of romance and love. This will bring many opportunities to indulge in love and relationship.

Venus in this position blesses you with love and romantic deeds during this phase of life. Here, you will get opportunity to meet new people and among them may find your real soul mate, who would become the all-important person in your life.

Your luck will support you in all facets of life. You will accumulate good wealth during this time but still you need to be careful as sudden expense may disturb your money management.  

Sometimes you may feel that the time is not going too well and negative energies have surrounded you. You can always take resort to Astrological Remedies and Vedic Mantra to overcome the short comings in your life.

Libra: Prosperity in your professional life

For Libra natives, this combination will be in fourth house of happiness, assets, and property. Venus in your horoscope will owns the 1st house of self and 8th house of sudden events and secrecy and transiting in house of happiness and prosperity.

Your hard work will help you to achieve growth and prosperity in your professional life. You will earn wealth and may get gains in terms of property during his period. Respect and honor may come from the government or authorities. You need to focus on your goal to achieve that.

You will be an attractive personality among the opposite sex and easily get attracted towards opposite gender and get involved in a relationship. Socialization and positive attitude will be your main strength. Possibility of reoccurrence or new health issue during this time. 

Scorpio: Communication will be very powerful and expressive

For Scorpio natives, the transit will be in the third house of communication, travel, and siblings. Venus owns the 12th house of foreign and bed or hidden pleasures and the 7th house of relationship and partner, which will transit in the house of communication or travel.

You will maintain good relations due to your sweet communication and will go on travel for personal or professional terms. You will possess good amount of energy and a fearless attitude. That, clubbed with hard work and dedication would lead to gains and win over other’s hearts.

Your communication will be very powerful and expressive to convince people around you. There may be possibility that you will involve in secret relationship and spend sensual moments with your love partner or spouse.

Sagittarius: Win hearts of people and draw them towards you

For Sagittarius natives, this combination occurs in second house of speech, family, and wealth. Venus owns the 11th house of gains and income and 6th house of disease, enemies, and debts. It will transit in the 2nd house of wealth, family, and speech.

You will have the capability to lay and influence over you enemies. Inflow of money will be there but along with some expense which may disturb your money management skills. Hard work and efforts would be needed for you to keep up your image.

You will possess a very sweet and attractive speech that will win hearts of people and draw them towards you especially the people of opposite sex. Gains from all spheres are visible. At times, you may behave in authoritative manner which is not good in your personal as well as professional front.

Capricorn: Magnetize people of opposite sex towards you

For Capricorn natives, this transit will take place in the first house, that is the self-house. Venus owns the 5th house of love and romance and the 10th house of career. Single nativs will see romantic and beautiful time with your love partner.

You will have good communication and maintain good relationship with your subordinates or seniors. You will have attraction with the opposite gender, which is very common. You will be blessed with an attractive and handsome personality which may magnetize people of opposite sex towards you.

You will grow in your career and do well in life. You will be very creative and innovative, which lead to many opportunities to grow, prosper in life.

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Aquarius: Bring you benefits from foreign land

For Aquarius natives, this transit will occur in the twelfth house of foreign land, bed pleasure and expenditures. Venus owns the 4th house of happiness and the 9th house of fortune and is posited in house of expense.

You will spend money and time for gaining own pleasures in life. You will spend a lot of money on hospital or ill-health. It will also bring you benefits from foreign land, or you may travel to overseas for work or personal related trip.

Here, Venus would also bring gains from abroad. Avoid sudden and big expenditures that may bring instability in your finances. You need to take care of all things as you will enjoy all happiness and prosperity. There may be work pressure which leads to stress.   

Pisces: Socialize with your friends and strengthen your bond

For Pisces natives, this combination will take place in the eleventh house of gains and social circle. Venus owns the 3rd house of communication and travel and the 8th house of gains, sudden events and secrecy.

It will transit in 11th house of gains. This will bless you with gains from all around in the form of wealth, prosperity in career, and with good friend circle. Pleasure and growth will be reflected due to this transit.

You will socialize with your friends and strengthen your bond with them. Your health will also generally be fine. You may go on travel with family or friends, or it may be work related. Keep yourself away from any secretive things or relationship, as it may be a problem for you in long run.

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