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Career Planner Report

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What is Career Planner Report?
Have you ever thought what your true calling is? What you do at present, is that helping you reach the Career & Financial Goals of your life? Is there an area or a career line that could make you successful and attain the peaks in your career? Is your present line of work suited to you as per your horoscope & personality type? Does working as a consultant or a freelancer benefit you more than working for others. Will a business bring out & use your talent the most or will you make it big in a corporate job? 

Success comes with following your true calling at the time destined for you and this is what a Career Planner Report helps you find.

How is it prepared?
The reasons behind a late success story or a meteoric rise in early years are all embedded in your horoscope. Our expert Vedic astrologer studies your chart, correlates it with the transit positions of planets in the times to come and the dasas. This helps establish many finer details about your thinking blue print, your aptitude and bent of mind and then map it to the career lines which will take you to the heights of career success. The dasa analysis is then used to point out about the specific timelines when such effects will come through in your life. 

What you should expect from your Career Planner Report?
Your Career Planner Report will answer -

  • What is the best method of making a living for you - job, self employment as a professional or running an enterprise, employing others.
  • Whether you have a special talent to make a living as: sportsperson/artist/media personality/public life/others
  • Which areas of education are relevant for you
  • Timing of significance in life for career success or pitfalls.
  • Any special areas / industries you should focus for better success.
  • Type of employers or superiors you could end up working for and the clues to handle such people better.
  • Special tips or remedies for greater career success.

Getting this reading made is predestined and thus any time is a good time. You can start by requesting this report to your path to success.

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