Taurus 2018 Love Horoscope

Taurus 2018
The year seems to bring a blend of mixed results in your love life, Taurus. In the beginning of the year, love matters will glitter and spread the sparkle in your life. There will be romantic trips and lavish dinners with partner just the way you want. However, due to cosmic placements, according to 2018 horoscope, intimate relationships do not seem to get much promising.
The period from 6th January until the month end and then from 7th March to 2nd May would be quite challenging for you in terms of sexual satisfaction. This phase would prove to be a reflection of bad relationship with your partner. There would some ego issues. You will behave itchy and angry which can lead to fights in the relationship. You need to control your anger and behave with maturity in order to cause less harm to your relationship.

This 2018 Love Horoscope is for the Taurus Moon Sign. Unsure if you are a Taurus Moon Sign, check here instantly.

In the later part of the year, you could witness reverse events in your love life from May to November 2018. This period will make you feel passionate and emotionally intense. Your strong urge for intimacy will trigger love inside you. It is a great time to experience sensual pleasure with your partner. Mars is the cosmic energy behind such a turnaround for you.

Aspect of Saturn and Rahu on 5th house and 7th house respectively throughout the year may affect your love life to a great extent, dear Taurus. There are possibilities of a break up, even separation. You need to act with maturity and calm to avoid such situations. Handle relationship with care and understanding and let this period pass without giving you a sour lesson.

You may cross the line between love and lust when it comes to love affairs from 1 August. Apart from that, end of the year needs attention, Taurus. Chances of an extra marital affair are there. Keep your conduct in check and try not to hang out in a bad company. However, on a positive note, desires of love will get fulfilled during 2018.

Period from 19th September to 6th October is picture perfect for indulging in love activities & love adventours!. If single and ready to fall in love, period after 11th October seems favorable. You are likely to attract someone who would be courageous, bold, and fearless in approach.

The year may not end on a very good note as there could be some disputes and disharmony with your partner. But you can turn all wrongs with right by your mature act in 2018.

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