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How your health will be in 2018? Read your 2018 Health Horoscope

As soon as the New Year rings in, we excitedly roll out the newspaper to read annual horoscopes, mostly to see what romantic possibilities and career potential lies ahead. However, more important than all of these are your health prospects because without a sound health, you wouldn’t be able to make the most of the opportunities coming ahead. Each house, sign and planet represents certain body parts and health conditions and how they relate to each other in your birth chart defines your overall state of health. But the micro-level fluctuations you feel in your health on regular basis are defined by the current transit position of the planets.

Since many planets would be moving places and forming unique combinations in your horoscope in the coming year, reading 2018 health horoscope below would give you a fair idea as to what you could expect on the health scene and how to best protect/heal yourself.

This 2018 Health horoscope is for the 12 Moon Signs. Not sure of your Moon Sign? You can find it out instantly here.


Aries, you would feel very energetic and may enjoy a good stamina throughout. However, there are chances of fire burns, so be careful. Loved ones would take good care of you nonetheless. The period from 17th Jan to 7th March 2018 also indicates towards possibility of fever or injury. Overall however, you would maintain a positive state of health. Obesity and stomach related problems could strike towards the end of year after 11th October. And during that period, you should also maintain caution against problems like Typhoid.


Taurus, you may have to frequent your visits to the dermatologist this year but other than that, you will mostly do well on the health front. Health would be very stable during March but during August, you might experience problems related to stomach. Slight possibility of developing or aggravating Asthma or Arthritis is there too. It would be better to take precautions beforehand.


Gemini, health would remain in a fluctuating state throughout the year, especially during the start. You might experience issues related to skin, gastric tract or neurological problems. From 3rd March to 9th May, legs or knees related problems could trouble you as well. Health related difficulties would continue to pose hurdles in daily life, and you need to be even more careful about your stomach after 11th October.


Cancer, you might have to suffer from some chest related to issues throughout the year. It’s your most vulnerable area so even a minor congestion could prolong. You will see some respite after 21st October in health matters, however, not a full recovery is seen. Saturn may also trigger some rheumatic or orthopedic problems so be cautious. Skin related issues like acne may also develop or exacerbate. Mood swings could be too common so better keep calm and meditate to control your emotions.

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Leo, the year ahead may not begin positively in terms of health and you may have frequent headaches and problems related to eyes, stomach and skin. Heart health also demands attention. This is the time to avoid oily food like plague or you will have unpleasant consequences. Calcium levels could dip so keep a check. It might be a good idea to get a bone density checkup too.  Pregnant women need to be more cautious this year.


Virgo, health would remain in a perplexing state but June and latter half of September would be a bit easy. Positively, you might finally get rid of a chronic ailment now. However, be careful during March to first week of May as issues related to intimate areas could occur during this period. It’s quite likely that whatever disease you catch during this year would require a long treatment. Pay attention to your back and indulge in physiotherapy when needed. Other problems to guard yourself against may relate to eczema, stomach, TB, knees, joints, or it could be paralysis in severe cases.


Libra, this year bad cosmic influence may catch your health off guard. Problems in the urinary tract could crop up, causing discomfort and pain. You should be careful with your diet and avoid sugar as much as possible. There is also possibility of stone in the Gallbladder. Have lots of fluids and maintain a healthy diet & lifestyle. Health would eventually improve towards the last few months.


Scorpio, health may remain stable mostly and you would maintain good strength and stamina throughout. Your energy level would remain high. However, some negative impact on your natal Moon indicates towards possibility of perineal diseases like piles, fistula, fissure etc. Avoid taking spicy food and have lots of fiber and laxatives in your diet. You should also be careful and avoid food poisoning & high blood pressure. Ditch your sedentary lifestyle and be more active.


Sagittarius, health would keep fluctuating this year and you may have to constantly fight indigestion and dermatological issues. Also, cardiac care is very important this year. It would be good to indulge in some workout and burn off extra calories. Also, take a healthy diet and avoid street food as much as you can. Prefer home-cooked food only. Ailments related to lower half like thighs and hips may also persist. You should avoid standing for long hours.


Knee pain and dermatological problems may continue to trouble you this year Capricorn. You need to adopt a cautious attitude in health matters, as soon as you ring in the New Year, from day 1. Take extra care if you are obese and try to lose some kilos. In case you sense some orthopedic issues, make sure to consult your doctor immediately. From June to end of August, you may constantly have to face shivering of hands, asthma, impaired senses, or skin related issues.


Aquarius, Jupiter is blessing you with its benefic presence, especially until 11th October and you would enjoy its positive influence on health too. It would dilute any negative effect of other planets as well. However, Rahu in 6th house would continue to trouble. You may want to guard against issues related to stomach, skin, digestion, poisoning and blood pressure levels. Problems in calf muscle may emerge after mid of August to mid of Sep. Overall, you might also feel lazy this year.


Pisces, the period until 11th October demands caution in terms of problems related to stomach, blood pressure and skin. You also need to work towards preventing obesity, bodily weakness, gastric issues, back pain and hearing problems. Typhoid is also a possibility this year. If you are old, it might be good idea to get your nutritional deficiencies checked, especially Iron, Calcium, and Vitamin levels.