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Mercury Transit in Aquarius 2021 and its impact on the zodiac signs

Mercury transit 2021 as per Vedic astrology highlights the impact of this planetary transit on all zodiac signs. Know Mercury transit January 2021 dates and find out what lies ahead.

Mercury Transit in Aquarius
Even though Mercury is a very intelligent planet, yet its transition in different signs changes its approach and attitude accordingly. When Mercury enters the Aquarius sign, it makes the native curious and leads to an open and broad outlook, where seeking knowledge becomes the main motto. New ideas, which are out of the world, become the new normal. The innovative bent of mind, gives the native, the urge to accept even the most bizarre-looking idea. Aquarius sign makes Mercury influenced natives very liberal. The communication becomes more spontaneous.  

Mercury transit January 2021 Date And Time

This year, Mercury will transit in the Aquarius sign on 25 January 2021 at 16.14 (IST)

Let us now find out how the Mercury transit in Aquarius will leave an impact on the moon signs


Mercury is the lord of your 3rd house of courage, siblings, hobbies, and 6th house of disease, legalities, enemies, and maternal relationships. During its transit in Aquarius, Mercury will transit in the 11th house of gains, profits, and accomplishments. This planetary transit will give rise to financial progress. You will get support from your siblings and friends. You will enjoy the fruitful results of your hard work and sincere efforts. Your rivals will not be able to beat you. The chances of winning court cases are highly likable at this time. You could get a good salary hike during this period. Your love life will be very blissful during this time and you will enjoy quality time with your lover. Your broad-mindedness and innovative ideas will further help you attain professional success during this Mercury transit period. Those who have applied for a loan will get uplifting news very soon.


Mercury, the lord of the 2nd house of family, wealth, and gemstones, and the 5th house of skills, education, learnings, and speculation will transit in the 10th house of the profession during this transit period. This planetary movement will bring favorable results in your life. You are likely to perform very well on the career front. Your family support and the intelligent use of your professional skills, which you might have learned earlier, will help you stay ahead of the competition at this time. Your managers and colleagues will be dumbstruck by your performance and you will be appreciated for your unique approach in your industry. This transit will prove to be the harbinger of progress for the businesspersons born under the Taurus moon sign.


Mercury, your own sign Lord will be placed in trine in the 9th house of fortune bringing auspicious circumstances in your life. Generally, the placement of Mercury in the 9th house does not bring very favorable results. However, as a ruler of your 1st and 4th house, Mercury will definitely have a huge impact on your life and will bring positive results in your life, especially in the initial phase of this transit period.

Gemini professionals will witness positive changes in their professional life. This transit of Mercury in Aquarius will be a blessing in disguise for the Gemini people.
However, there are chances that you might experience some problems in your personal life. Your father may not like your unorthodox business ideas and this could create differences between you and him. Also, there are possibilities that your parents may be unhappy with your academic decisions, however, this situation will improve as the month progresses.

Gemini natives may discard or challenge some old religious customs during this Mercury transit period. However, they won’t get the expected support from their people all of a sudden. It is best advised to wait for some time to show your progressive attitude to people and prove your point to them.


For Cancer natives, Mercury governs your 12th and 3rd house looking after the areas such as your strength, siblings, short and long travel, spirituality, and losses. During its transit in the Aquarius sign, Mercury will transit in the 8th house of your horoscope which represents spontaneity and secrecy. This transit will bring sudden positive changes in your life.

Natives belonging to the Cancer sign are likely to get success in their life. You will receive recognition at work. Due to the influence of Mercury in the 8th House, you may be inclined to occult science and hidden areas of knowledge. The planetary transit may bring in good possibilities of marriage for many of you at this time. Those who wanted to join secretive or spy jobs may get amazing opportunities during the period of Mercury transit in Aquarius. This transit is auspicious for you and is likely to give you success in your thesis work. However, you will have to step up your efforts to avail the desired results. Also, an unexpected trip to a foreign country for work-purpose is highly likable during this period.


For the Leo moon sign, Mercury is ruling the 2nd and 11th house of your horoscope. During its transit, Mercury will enter the 7th house of your horoscope which signifies business and partnership. This planetary transit will bring mixed results in your life. As per Vedic Astrology, the 7th house placement of Mercury is considered to be inauspicious for the married natives. This is because it generally causes misunderstandings and problems between you and your spouse and creates differences between you both. You may experience negative energy in your relationship at this time. You may not get the desired support from your life partner. It is best advised to sort out all the past differences through a healthy discussion. Also, apply your intellect and tact in a better way if you are planning to expand your business.

Ensure that these changes, which you wish bring in your marital and professional areas, should not be too complex. It is your job to make your employees and spouse comfortable with your new ideas. Once you keep them along with you on this journey of transformation, you will start experiencing positive energy in your life.


For the Virgo moon sign, Mercury is their sign Lord and rules the tenth house of profession. During the transit period, Mercury will transit in the 6th house of your horoscope which represents disease, enemy, legalities, banking, and luck in professional matters. This transit is most likely going to have a very positive impact on the life of Virgo natives.

During this phase, you will attain professional success. Also, there will be a rise in good fortune due to the presence of Mercury in your sixth house. You will reap the fruits of your hard work during this period. Those who have been trying for a government job will get one during this time. In case you need any official permission or license from the government, you will easily get it. This transit will prove to be beneficial for your maternal uncle. You could also win a court case at this time. However, on a separate note, this is not a great placement for your health as there are indications that you may suffer from some health-related problems during this Mercury transit period.


For the Libra moon sign, Mercury rules the 9th house of higher education, fortune, and religious pursuits. Along with that, it governs the 12th house of losses, foreign connection, and spirituality. During the transit period, Mercury will transit in the 5th house of your horoscope, which signifies education, children, and speculative activities. Mercury transit in Aquarius will bring mixed results for the Libra natives.

This very placement of Mercury indicates that the Libra natives will be high on energy and enthusiasm at this time. You would love to participate in various activities. For students, this will be a very fortunate period. The chances of traveling to a foreign country for study purposes are likely. However, you would need to be very mature and realistic in the money matters
This may not be a great transit for the Virgo professionals as it is likely to bring setbacks in your career. You could suffer a heavy financial loss from the speculative activities. It is best advised to keep a track of your finances and avoid investing money in speculative activities.

As far as your romantic life is concerned, this seems to be a lovely period for the lovers born under the Libra moon sign. You will get to spend quality time with your lover. Also, your relationship will be revived during this period and you might plan a short trip with your partner which will increase the closeness between the two of you.


Mercury, the Lord of the 8th house of sudden changes and 11th house of gains, is transiting in Aquarius, in the fourth house of Scorpio moon sign. As per Vedic Astrology, the fourth house in a native’s horoscope signifies domestic happiness and general prosperity. During this period, the Scorpio natives are likely to experience a peaceful domestic life. You will be able to maintain a harmonious atmosphere at your home and will enjoy family outings during this Mercury transit period. Also, you will strike the right balance between personal and professional life. Along with this, you will maintain cordial relations with your near and dear ones.

During this phase, Scorpio people will be very mature and realistic in money matters. You may buy a new vehicle at this time. The natives born under the Scorpio moon sign will see a rise in their social status as the month progresses. Besides, you will become a responsible member of the family and will fulfill the desires of your family members in the best possible ways. Some of you may receive wealth benefits from your in-laws during this transit period.


For the Sagittarius moon sign, Mercury rules the 7th and 10th house of Sagittarius sign, which signifies their social image, business and profession, and prestige. During the transit period, Mercury will transit in the 3rd house of Sagittarius natives bringing mixed results in their life.
In Vedic astrology terms, this very transit of Mercury in Aquarius is considered inauspicious for the salaried employees. While on the contrary, it brings fruitful results for the businesspersons.
This period will bring numerous trips for the Sagittarius natives. Some new business opportunities might come your way.

While traveling, you meet a lot of people different people from all over the world and will build a good relationship with them. However, the transit may cause misunderstandings between you and your siblings and create differences between you and them. You would need to tackle conditions more effectively to maintain a peaceful environment at home. Besides that, you will have to take good care of your parents and make sure that they stay in the pink of health. You are suggested to keep a backup of your important files and avoid purchasing any new gadget during this transit period.


For the Capricorn moon sign, Mercury will govern your 6th house of competition, legal actions, and enemies and 9th house of fortune and religion. It will transit in the 2nd house of family, speech, and wealth during this transit period. The transit of Mercury in Aquarius promises to be favorable for the Capricorn natives. You will witness a rise in your earnings and consequently, your financial front will improve. Monetary profits are on the cards for Capricorns. You will get expected support from your family members during this transit period. Moreover, your communications skills will be exceptionally good at this time, which is why you are going to maintain harmonious relations with everyone. The natives who are stage artists or singers will be successful in lodging their presence on social media.

Those who have set up a business of their own will successfully accumulate enough wealth in their bank account. If you have applied for a loan, it will be easily sanctioned. Also, this appears to be a great period for those Capricorn natives who have been involved in a court case for quite some time. There are thick possibilities that you will win litigation and court cases during this transit period.


The transit of Mercury in Aquarius is great because it is taking place in your sign. Lord Mercury rules your 5th house and 8th house. The major areas of influence are education, speculation, children, research, and in-laws. During this phase, Mercury will be posited in the first house or ascendant making you inclined towards spiritual and religious subjects. This is a good time to accomplish your educational objectives and goals. There are strong chances that Aquarius students and children will make decent progress on the academic front. Your thought process will improve during this time. As a result, you will receive excellent results in research work. This appears to be a great period for planning your abroad studies.

However, this transit suggests you pay attention to your health. A decline in health is indicated for Aquarius people. You will have to take good care of yourself, as there are chances that you might experience health problems during this period. Also, avoid making any important monetary decisions as the possibility of financial losses becomes higher at this time.
You would need to be very practical, mature, and realistic in professional matters to ensure happiness and prosperity in your professional life.


For Pisces moon sign, Mercury governs your 4th house and 7th house which is associated with your comforts, general happiness, and business, partnerships, social image respectively.

During its transit period, Mercury will remain posited in the 12th house of your horoscope, which signifies losses, spiritual activities, and foreign connection. Mercury’s placement in Aquarius will bring mixed results for the Pisces natives. The influence of Mercury in the 12th house may demand special attention to your career and financial planning. You would need to be very mature and realistic in both professional and money matters to ensure professional and financial stability throughout the year. The transit may cause misunderstandings and problems between you and your spouse and create differences between you both.

The transit phase may foresee some problems and disruptions. As a result, Pisces natives may incur monetary losses during this period. This transit indicates foreign trips and journeys for the Pisces natives. Work-related trips undertaken during this year will be highly profitable.
This time will be great in terms of foreign trade and import-export. However, Pisces natives will be seen struggling on the financial front. Having a realistic approach during this period will be helpful to maintain a stable financial position.

Some members of your household will be successful in going abroad and may even establish a property apart from their home. However, your relationship with your spouse will remain stressful at this time; therefore, you will need to pay more attention to them. 

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