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Moon Rahu Conjunction

This is a significant conjunction of Moon. When these two planets sit together in a house, the person has higher inclination towards occult sciences. Such natives tend to become a scientist after attaining education if Moon-Rahu conjunction exists in the birth chart. Native may also like to indulge in some research work.

If Moon and Rahu are conjunct in a house, it forms Chandra Grahan (Lunar Eclipse) Yoga, and this combination affects the results of other planets as well. The influence of this conjunction is intensely strong and makes a huge impact upon the native’s life. When the difference between Moon and Rahu is less than 9 degrees, then it forms a strong Grahan Yoga, while if the difference is more than 9 degrees, this combination become ineffective. The Yoga is highly effectual if the different lies below 7 degrees and a difference of less than 1.5 degrees makes this Yoga strongest.

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