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Mars Saturn Conjunction

These two are the most influential malefic energies in a horoscope. And when they sit together, their force may become destructive thus problems are obvious. The conjunction of Saturn and Mars is not considered positive in Vedic Astrology. Natives with this combination are often inclined towards bad habits such as dishonesty, fraudulence and theft. They may have a tendency to conspire and find faults in others. Their view of life is pessimistic and they may not value religion much. They are more inclined towards immoral activities. They struggle to enjoy the comfort of marital union and domestic bliss.

Mars and Saturn conjunction also results in health complications such as body aches and injuries. These natives also share an inimical bond with their mother and are quite harsh towards her. There is positive side to having this conjunction too. It makes the person serious, ambitious, focused with a balanced mind and perspective, and wiser than their age.

Mars-Saturn Conjunction reading of your horoscope can help you discover what the two planets have to offer you on the positive & negative side both.

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