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Mercury Venus Conjunction

This is a positive combination because both the planets are friendly towards each other, are benefic and suggest artistic inclination. Such a conjunction makes the person very gracious and gorgeous. These natives like to keep themselves well dressed. Their expression and articulation is exceptional, in both spoken and written form. They have a great power of persuasion, eloquence, and the art of diplomacy. When Venus conjoins with Mercury in a horoscope, it brings ample opportunities of growth in terms of finance and career. Native tends to enjoy a positive financial standing.

Such a person is likely to have a good grip in subjects such as technology, math, science, and engineering. Venus and Mercury together boost one’s penchant for arts and music too. When the soothing energy of Venus meets the persuasiveness of Mercury, the native is bound to be very polite, courteous, cheerful, and quick-witted.

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