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Moon Venus Conjunction

Both planets are friendly towards each other and are feminine in nature. When their energies draw a parallel, they facilitate each other in making key aspects of life work well such as marriage and domestic life. However, one should remember that Venus has air as its element. Native having Moon-Venus conjunction is usually a beauty lover. If this conjunction is present in your birth chart, you are likely to be a cleanliness freak as such people like to keep their place unsoiled and orderly.

Moon-Venus conjunction also gives a strong penchant for arts. These natives may be inclined towards writing and literature too. The placement also suggests that lethargy could be detrimental to the native’s success. Due to being fond of comfort and indulgence, native may have a tendency to be lazy. Moreover, he or she should avoid being a bragger. When it comes to love matters, such people indulge in relationships too early in life. Moreover, they tend to get worldly comforts and wealth from a female in life. A too close conjunction could be harmful to marital life. An affliction may also make the native prone to vices, addictions, sinful activities, and laziness.

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