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Mars Mercury Conjunction

These two are enemy planets. While Mars is a malefic male, Mercury is a literate eunuch. These energies together undoubtedly make the person sharp-minded and alert. Mars and Mercury conjunction can only be termed favorable if both are positively placed in a natal chart. Such natives often end up having friction in relationships. Moreover, they often get an unreliable partner and are drawn towards base people. Their life is bereft of marital happiness and struggle in progeny is also possible.

They also face problems in their education. People with this conjunction enjoy average financial standing. And many a times, their occupation is related to medicine and metal. This conjunction of Mars and Mercury also creates a tendency to indulge in theft and offences involving money. A 10th house position of this combination makes the native well-versed in science, engineering, investigation etc and the person is likely to adopt a career in these fields too.

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