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Moon Jupiter Conjunction

Both these planets are benefic, and when the empathy of Moon meets the wisdom of Jupiter, it engenders a native who is generous, compassionate and good-natured but at the same time, tactful, wise and perceptive. This conjunction gives the native an inclination towards virtuous and benevolent deeds. They tend to be broad-minded, accommodating, dutiful, and optimistic people. This position is considered highly favorable in 10th house as it gives exceptional management and persuasion skills.

Moon when placed with Jupiter in a horoscope suggests that the native is a scholarly person. Such a person excels as a professor or advisor but due attention shall be paid to the fact that they should not let arrogance enter their spirit. Also, natives having this placement should not offer unwanted advice as people may try to maintain a gap if bombarded with opinions unasked for. An affliction over this conjunction could make the person lazy, rude, criticizing, and reckless.


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