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Venus Saturn Conjunction

These two are friendly planets but Venus is benefic while Saturn is malefic. People having Venus and Saturn together in a house in their horoscope are often artistically inclined. Such a person will have a good knack in fine arts especially drawing, painting and sculpting. Conjunction of Saturn and Venus also makes the native intellectual. Natives having such planetary combination love to travel and explore the world. Moreover, they are courageous and always ready to fight challenges. This combination can also sometimes cause separation from spouse/loved ones.

The native may struggle to enjoy domestic bliss since the conjunction is unfavorable concerning marital life. There exist frequent discords with partner and lack of physical satisfaction in love. Their married life is a series of challenges and trials. The person may have to live like a loner, with a sense of meaninglessness and solitude. Moreover, the native tends to sacrifice the comforts and chooses a hard path in life that is full of responsibilities and commitments. However, when this conjunction is positive, the marriage or partner of the natives becomes the source of money thus leads to prosperity.

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