Saturn Ketu Conjunction

The conjunction of Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail indicates Saturn is the significator hard work, career, progress, growth, strong determination, materialistic desires in life whereas Ketu or dragon’s tail represents the realization of the setback of the materialistic acquisition of traits like power, status and success so there is a change in your focus towards spiritual and religious inclination and knowledge. The conjunction of Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail in your horoscope brings forward constant confusion where the opposite energies of both planets contemplate you to choose between materialistic and spiritual life. The clashing energies of this conjunction may create acute confusion in your mind. All these characteristics are defined in your horoscope based on the strength of the Saturn-Ketu conjunction.

Saturn Ketu Conjunction

Saturn in astrology is defined as the planet that recommends boundaries in our success despite our best efforts, hard work and there is a delay in the realization of gains as it is a slow-moving planet. Saturn makes you conscious of the reality of any situation and it becomes essential to be sensible and disciplined about achieving your goals rather than reaching for them in an inaccurate manner in life.

Ketu or dragon’s tail in astrology is the South node of the Moon where its directionless approach represents separation, isolation, bad health and the detachment from the materialistic world.

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  • The conjunctions of Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail are the donors of less progressive traits like frustration, denial, delay, overthinking, dissatisfaction and this conjunction in your horoscope is liable to bring about excess introverted behavior and a confused vision with painful experiences in life.
  • The best attribute of Saturn-Ketu conjunction is that it can bless you with the ability to become the spiritual or the researcher of the deep studies of occult and in contrast, you will have the possibility to detach themselves from materialistic achievements and responsibilities.
  • Saturn is the significator of hard work with discipline and strong will and as Ketu or dragon’s tail encourages the native to embrace solitude that are completely opposite traits to each other. Ketu or the dragon’s tail has the tendency of acquiring certain qualities of hard work and patience.
  • The conjunction of Saturn-Ketu creates the environment of heightened confusion where the Saturn tends to lead you in its own systematic way, but the shadow planet Ketu or dragon’s tail does not have the ability to think with practical reason as to when it is the right time to stop which may lead you into extreme stress.

Effect of Powerful Saturn

When Saturn has a dominating role in the Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail conjunction, it indicates though both the planets are naturally malefic with opposite characteristics, where one denotes materialistic traits [Saturn] and the other planet is spiritual [Ketu] which may bring confusion and conflict in your life regarding the choice of the correct path. The powerful Saturn in Saturn-Ketu or dragons’ tail conjunction can lead to the origin of the false spiritual mentor where he/she will portray spiritual instincts on the exterior plane but would be working in a sinful manner to gain the materialistic accomplishments and desires.

Effect Of Powerful Ketu or Dragon’s tail

When Ketu has a dominating role in the Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail conjunction, it will give the individual the heightened sense of detachment from the materialistic aspect, isolation and higher attributes of confusion related to the materialistic world. There will be increased inclination towards spirituality, research works, where the person will be guided more by his intuition & instincts rather than his/her diplomatic intelligence and tactics. The powerful Ketu or dragon’s tail in the conjunction can lead the person to lose interest in the materlistic world and follow the route of spirituality after initial internal conflict of which way to choose in life.

Positive Saturn-Ketu or Dragon’s tail Conjunction

Positive Saturn-Ketu Conjunction in any horoscope indicates that though both planets have opposite attributes against each other but with same natural malefic attribute shows that if the strength of this conjunction is moderate in any horoscope that can initiate the intelligence of balance in you where you can work with the strength of intuition, intelligence with patience and have the ability of deep research combined with hard work which can give success in the materialistic world.

The positive combination of Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail will give the individual the ability to discriminate the events with disciplined practical approach, clear intelligence, balanced emotions and the art of staying balanced and detached during the success story. Positive Saturn-Ketu can give the rise to spiritual mentors and leaders that work for the betterment of the humanity rather than for personal betterment.

Negative Saturn-Ketu or Dragon’s tail Conjunction

Negative Saturn- Ketu or dragon’s tail Conjunction indicates that Ketu is the shadowy planet that does not possess any personified shape of body, therefore Ketu symbolizes as an entity that is guided by heart which makes it very intuitive with less diplomacy as it does not possess a head to think at the right time and place to work with practical inputs in both planes of material world and spiritual world with balance.

The negative Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail Conjunction may give rise to such mentors that may preach spirituality on the exterior with fake maturity and detachment but will bring forward concealed ways to fulfill personal materialistic desires.

Some Notable Houses Placements For Saturn-Ketu or Dragon’s tail Conjunction

Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail Conjunction in 1st house indicates that the amount of hard work and efforts applied do not yield good results and fame in life and that can affect your stamina and peace of mind in a negative way.

Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail Conjunction in 2nd house indicates the lack of financial stability for future growth, with roughness in speech along with health issues related to eyes, bones and teeth.

Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail Conjunction in 3rd house makes you less progressive in initiative and courage so that makes you a quitter from their responsibilities and relationships.

Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail Conjunction in 4th house will give you detachments from domestic happiness, materialistic gains and may separate you from family to pursue spiritual life.

Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail Conjunction in 5th house can bring delays/separation in family happiness or progeny matters and can affect your health.

Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail Conjunction in 6th house is not a progressive placement as it can affect you with bad health, rivals and the inclination to give up to challenges.

Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail Conjunction in 7th house indicates that both planets are slow moving planets so this combination can give a delay in marriage prospects and denial of honesty in professional partnerships.

Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail Conjunction in 8th house indicates sudden obstacles in life/sudden gains but you will negate the gains, the possibility of chronic diseases and this placement is not progressive for the Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s head conjunction.

Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail Conjunction in 9th house is not progressive for material world as you will leave all you responsibilities to explore the spiritual realms for personal spiritual growth.

Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail Conjunction in 10th house gives no success in career and are not keen to gain any status in life.

Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail Conjunction in 11th house will not bestow any benefits of the 11th house and you will become detached from materialistic gains due to lack of it and deny your responsibilities.

Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail Conjunction in 12th house will get you separated from your family, marital relations and may leave your home to wander in the search of salvation.

Notable Personalities with Saturn-Ketu or Dragon’s head Conjunction

  • Dr. Subramaniam Swami

He has Leo ascendant with Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail conjunction in the 9th house. He is a prolific writer and public figure in India having been elected Member of Parliament five times (1974-99) and held Cabinet positions in the Union Government twice, first as a Minister for Commerce, Law and Justice (1990-91) and later as Chairman with Cabinet rank of the Commission on Labour Standards and International Trade (1994-96).

  • Dhirendra Krishna Shastri

He has Virgo ascendant with Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail conjunction in the 7th house. Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, popularly known as Bhageshwar Dham Sarkar or Bhageshwar Dham Maharaja, is an Indian spiritual Hindu Leader and a young famous Indian personality.

  • Perry Smith

He has Scorpio ascendant with Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail conjunction in the 1st house that could have made him a very impulsive person by nature. He was one of two ex-convicts convicted of murdering four members of the Clutter family in Holcomb, Kansas, United States on November 15, 1959, a crime made infamous by Truman Capote in his 1966 non-fiction novel In Cold Blood.

  • Jean Acker

She has Gemini ascendant with Saturn-Ketu or dragon’s tail conjunction in the 4th house. Jean Acker was an American actress with a career dating from the silent film era through the 1950s. She was perhaps best known as the estranged wife of silent film star Rudolph Valentino.


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