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Sun Venus Conjunction

Sun is all about soul, our exterior self, how we project ourselves to others. Venus on the other hand is about indulgence, beauty, intimate secrets and physical pleasures. Nevertheless, Sun and Venus conjunction in a horoscope makes the native a knowledgeable person. Such a person is artistically inclined and has special fondness for culture and fields of art. Their success is more likely in fields such as drama, media, dance, music, and fine arts. Such natives enjoy a good social reputation and financial status.

However, if Venus if combust in this placement, it may lead to health issues to the native, particularly related to eyes or liver. Such a person is vulnerable to marital issues especially if the conjunction exists in 5th, 7th or 9th house. Moreover, native may struggle in progeny matters as well. Addiction, carnal desires and vices are also common in natives having these two planets in one house.

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