Sun Venus Conjunction

The conjunction of Sun-Venus refers that Sun represents self, soul, ego, self-respect, and the aim in life in your horoscope. Whereas Venus represents relationships in love and personal arena, as to how we value them and react towards our relationships. The Conjunction of Sun-Venus in any horoscope enhances the qualities of Venus where ego plays an important role in relationships. Male horoscope with this conjunction indicates partner with authoritive nature and in women horoscope she herself demands equal rights with authority. All these characteristics are defined in your horoscope based on the strength of the Sun-Venus Conjunctions.

Sun Venus Conjunction

Sun in astrology represents the soul, with other attributes like ego, self, status, respect, authority and purpose in life.

Venus represents relationships and it largely represents the emotions and feelings in love relationship along with the essence of how we value relationships and the type of reaction we portray in a given situation in relationships.

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Sun and Venus are the significator of authority, ego and beauty and relationships where the connection of all these elements in any horoscope will indicate the essence and strength of relationships based on the placement and strength of the Sun-Venus conjunction.

  • The conjunction of Sun-Venus can bring impulsiveness in relationship when Venus is close to Sun in degrees which makes it combust as a resultant Venus tends to lose its entire positive attributes.
  • The close conjunction of Sun-Venus can make a person selfish by nature where the advancement in the relationship is for the personal benefit and pleasure or for the attainment of status through relationships.
  • The conjunction of Sun-Venus shows the ego where, if a male, you will love to be chased by the women in relationships with a strong sexual orientation.
  • Sun-Venus conjunction can create good Actors, Artists, Performers or Athletes as Venus represents art and beauty and Sun represents creativity so you may be interested in fields like participating in beauty pageants or arranging contests, working in Government jobs, as politicians that can attract the crowd with their charisma.
  • The husband with the Sun-Venus Conjunction will attain power through the relationship of wife and the wife on the contrary, will be authoritative and could demand equality that could result in disharmony in marital relationship.

Effect Of Powerful Sun

When Sun has the dominating role in Sun-Venus conjunction, you will be ruled by your ego with the sense of self importance and will try to showcase knowledge in your field of career. You are very conscious about your peace in relationships and reputation among others in overall matters. The relations of Sun-Venus makes you desire materialistic luxury along with comfort in relationships but with their own bag of clauses. You are easily carried away by flattery and good looks of your partner but are very reluctant over leaving your comfort zone.

Effect Of Powerful Venus

When Venus has the dominating role in Sun-Venus conjunction then peace is your main priority in the relationships due to which you are inclined to ignore arguments and deal with problems with diplomatic attitude. The powerful Venus makes you give in easily to their partners as they have the strong desire for being loved and appreciated. You have a cheerful personality, but it is essential for them to express their feelings in an open conversation rather than being diplomatic for prosperous relationships.

Positive Sun-Venus Conjunction

The positive productivity of Sun-Venus conjunction indicates it will bless you with a partner with vibrant personality and beauty who would support you with their mutual understanding, care and affection without the need of you following your partner. The positive Sun-Venus conjunction will give you the blessing of possessing the fine understanding of balancing the relations especially love and romance with the idea of securing relationships whenever essential by being diplomatic and reducing your ego. This conjunction can make you creative in your work front as a good Artist, Actor, or any profession related to government, politics will be successful.

Negative Sun-Venus Conjunction

Negative Sun-Venus Conjunction will bring restlessness in relationships and the closeness of Sun-Venus conjunction may lead to a lack of authenticity in relationships and there is a void in relations that may lead to loss in relationships. The power of Sun in this conjunction is liable to make you selfish in personal relations and you will work for the prosperity of relations for your own enjoyment and benefits. There could be the advancement in relations for the desire of accomplishing high status and position.

Some Notable Houses Placements For Sun-Venus Conjunction

Sun-Venus Conjunction in 1st house is a very good conjunction in the 1st house where it blesses you with the good looks, charismatic personality, good knowledge with being expert in creative talent and fine acumen in maintaining relationships.

Sun-Venus Conjunction in 2nd house indicates good financial quotient with this conjunction in the horoscope. You are blessed with materialistic comforts and with a good hold over your speech with a great voice that can hold the interest of the listener.

Sun-Venus Conjunction in 3rd house will bless you with good initiative, courage, and mental strength with daring attempts to win over your rivals and is liable to get success through hard work and efforts.

Sun-Venus Conjunction in 4th house will make you wise and very creative in your thought process leading you towards creative pursuits. You will have the ability to be the centre of attraction among your known group/s and will have the ability to lead the others with your caliber.

Sun-Venus Conjunction in 5th house will give you a strong romantic inclination and you will know how to respect the space of the partner/interest but on the other hand, this conjunction can make the person fickle-minded with egoistic behavior with others.

Sun-Venus Conjunction in 6th house can bring name and fame to you as you will be very competitive by nature and will be able to get success over your rivals. You will be able to get a good government job, have an interest in politics.

Sun-Venus Conjunction in 7th house will bless you with a partner that has a good, and charming personality with elegance in their behavior. You will have the nature of taking out flaws in others work but this trait can make you a good politician but bring less coordination in personal life.

Sun-Venus Conjunction in 8th house indicates a long life with weak health but you will have problems in marital life, but they will be blessed with materialistic comforts.

Sun-Venus Conjunction in 9th house will give magnificent financial ambience with good communicating skills and a charming personality but self-centered & religious with strong beliefs with good equation with father.

Sun-Venus Conjunction in 10th house will give you a good health, wealth, status, good business acumen with possibility of becoming a good politician, will have good family support and family relations.

Sun-Venus Conjunction in 11th house will bless you with in-born qualities of natural leadership, strong physical constitution, with the desire to acquire good materialistic comforts in life.

Sun-Venus Conjunction in 12th house indicates money-mindedness with good success in shares and stock market, good financial career, influential contacts and desire for comfort and luxury in life.

Notable personalities with Sun-Venus Conjunction

  • Disha Patani (Indian Actress)

She has Leo ascendant with Sun-Venus conjunction in the 10th house. Disha Patani is an Indian film actress and model who worked successfully in Bollywood and Telugu films. She was the first runner-up in Femina Miss India, Indore in 2013.

  • Kailash Satyarthi (Human Rights Activist)

He has Sagittarius ascendant with Sun-Venus conjunction in the 1st house. He is an Indian children's Human Rights Activist. He has been active in the Indian movement against child manual labor since the 1990s. So far, his organization, Bachpan Bachao Andolan, has freed over 80,000 children from various forms of servitude and helped in successful re-integration, rehabilitation and education.

  • Sachin Tendulkar (Indian Cricketer)

He has Leo ascendant with Sun-Venus conjunction in the 9th house. He is a former Indian cricketer extensively recognized as one of the greatest batsmen of all time, universally holding the title "God of Cricket" among his fans. Former West Indian batsman Brian Lara have labelled Tendulkar the greatest cricketer of all time.


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